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Glutathione has acquired a lot of hype in the past few years. Millions of celebrities are spotted in a much lighter complexion and we suggest that it’s due to the miracles of Glutathione injections. But many people are still confused about what Glutathione is and why Glutathione injections in Islamabad & Rawalpindi has acquired so much popularity of a short span of time. I’ll explain everything right here for you.

What Glutathione Injections Actually is?

The most powerful anti-oxidant in a human body is known as Glutathione. It naturally detoxifies your body and results in decreased melanin production. However, you must ensure that you are getting the treatment done from the right dermatologist because improver dosage of Glutathione injections in Islamabad & Rawalpindi can do more harm than good.

Procedure of Glutathione injections Islamabad

You will be asked to come for an appointment for Glutathione injections in Islamabad. During the consultation, the surgeon will perform a skin analysis to know your skin better. S/he will check for skin allergies and composition of your skin. And then will ask you about the results you are looking for, from a Glutathione injections in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Afterwards, s/he will device a suitable plan for you. If you are looking for a dramatic change, about 15 to 20 treatment sessions are enough. They are usually spaced two to three weeks apart.

Treatment Itself Glutathione Islamabad

The Glutathione injections in Islamabad & Rawalpindi begins by doctor checking your blood pressure. S/he ensures that you have eaten enough so that your blood pressures stay stable. Afterward, an injection will be injected into your blood stream. You’ll be asked to stay there for a couple of minutes to ensure you don’t have any allergic reaction. Although, this rarely occurs but this is a precautionary measures doctors usually take.

Results of Glutathione injections Islamabad

The results of Glutathione are long lasting. They last for up to 5 years or more. Afterwards, they can be maintained via getting Glutathione injections in Rawalpindi & Islamabad every 4 months or so. However, you must keep in mind that they come with certain side effects. It is good to be mindful of them before starting on a dramatic change.

At the end, I would like to suggest you be comfortable in your skin, regardless of its color. Make sure to treat it properly and make the best of it. Good Luck on your skin care journey!

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