Breast Lift Procedures (Mastopexy) for Drooping Breasts

Breast lift is popular cosmetic surgery procedure that addresses uneven, drooping breasts to help women regain a breast youthful and uplifted breast profile. Every year thousands of women undergo Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai to rejuvenate their figures.

Women lose their breast shape and volume over time primarily due to aging and pregnancy. But there are various other factors as well contributing to drooping breasts, including breastfeeding, heredity, gravity and weight fluctuations. Whatever the reason may be behind a woman losing the firmness of her breasts, one thing is for sure that they don’t look aesthetically appealing.

Are you also struggling with sagging bust? Have you failed to get desired results despite trying different natural remedies and topical creams? If your answer is yes, surgical breast lift may be an option worth considering.

There are various incision patterns and techniques that plastic surgeons use to help women lift their drooping breasts. Which surgical technique will be appropriate for you depends on the following factors:

  • Your original breast size and shape
  • Your desired breast size and shape
  • Extent of sagging
  • Direction of your nipples
  • The size and position of your areolas
  • Your age and skin quality – more precisely elasticity and suppleness of your skin

Mastopexy is the most common Breast Reduction Procedure Dubai that involves repositioning the nipples drooping nipples higher on the chest wall. It is a simple surgery performed under general anesthesia on outpatient basis, i.e. there is no overnight stay, the patient is allowed to go back home after the surgery.

Step 1 – Administering Anesthesia

The very first step of the surgery is administering general anesthesia to the patient. Some doctors also perform the surgery with intravenous sedation, but general anesthesia is a better option.

Step 2 – Making the Incision:

After administering anesthesia, doctor makes on the breasts to reposition the nipples and tighten the surrounding skin and tissues. Three common incision patterns include:

– Peri-areolar incision or donut incision – It goes around border of areola (dark brown skin around the nipple)

– Vertical Incision or lollipop incision – It goes around the areola border and vertically down to the breast crease

– Anchor incision or inverted T pattern – It goes around the areola border and then vertically just like the lollipop incision, followed by another incision horizontally along the breast crease

Step 3 – Lifting and Reshaping the Breasts

After making the appropriate incision, the surgeon lifts and reshapes the underlying tissues to enhance the breast shape and firmness. Nipples are also repositioned to a more youthful height. If the areolas have also enlarged, their size may also be reduced by removing some skin.

Step 4 – Closing the Incision

Once the surgeon is done with reshaping the breasts the incisions will be closed with either absorbable or non-absorbable sutures.

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