Liposuction Surgery for Buttocks in Islamabad, Pakistan

Getting liposuction as a weight loss treatment has been slowly gaining popularity in South-Asian countries over the last few decades. This is due to the increasing number of overweight people in these countries with the passage of time. Each individual is affected differently when it comes to fat accumulation genes in the body. Most people have genes that cause the fat to be stored in the belly, arms, and legs. There are also a few individuals who have genes that cause the fat to be stored in the buttocks. This can make it a hurdle for such people as it can get increasingly challenging to find the right size of pants. Liposuction Surgery for Buttocks in Islamabad, Pakistan is one of the most common procedures that plastic surgeons perform. This procedure not only removes extra fat from your buttocks but also shapes and contours them to the perfect shape and texture.

What Is Liposuction Surgery For Buttocks?

Just like the name suggests, this procedure involves performing liposuction on the buttocks to reduce their overall volume. This treatment is instant and very effective and does not require more than one session to perform. The buttocks are mostly fat and not a lot of nerves or blood vessels are present in that area. This makes this region of the body very easy to perform liposuction on. But it is still important to make sure that not all fat in the buttocks is removed. Depending on your body weight, you should only remove 70% of your fat from the buttocks as the other 30% is essential for body functions.

How is this surgery performed?

Like all liposuction procedures, this one also follows the same steps of the procedure. They are:

  1. The plastic surgeon will mark the areas on the buttocks where the incisions will be made.
  2. Since this procedure can be a little painful, you will be given general anesthesia.
  3. In some cases, you will be given local anesthesia as well.
  4. The procedure starts 30 minutes after the anesthesia sets in.
  5. Next, your surgeon will make small incisions in those marked spots
  6. The plastic surgeon will then insert the suction needle into these incisions.
  7. The liposuction needle is inserted into these incisions repeatedly with a melting solution.
  8. The melted fat is then sucked out with the help of a cannula.
  9. The incisions are stitched and the area is bandaged.

How Expensive is it to Get Liposuction Surgery for Buttocks in Islamabad?

Getting Liposuction Surgery for Buttocks in Islamabad, Pakistan is not expensive at all and will cost you around PKR 100,000 to PKR 300,000. The buttocks are not just one part of the body and are made up of different muscles/fat layers. This makes the procedure cost vary depending on which area you get treated.

The buttocks are divided into 4 parts and each part requires a different amount of time to perform. This means that each part will cost you a different amount of money to get treated. These four areas are also different in shape and location. These parts are; lumbo sacral fat pads, infra-gluteal crease, banana-shaped fat pads, and lastly gluteal trochanteric areas.

Can Insurance Policies Cover this Surgery?

Most liposuction procedures are considered cosmetic treatments. This can make it tricky to get insurance to pay for the treatment. It is safe to assume that you will have to pay for the treatment from your own pocket. However, there are a few cases where the patient is so overweight that this surgery is needed to help them function properly.

Is Liposuction Surgery For Buttocks Dangerous?

Getting this treatment done to reduce fat in the buttocks does not carry that many risks. It is a safe and secure procedure that does not have any side effects. The recovery period for this procedure is long and can take over a month for the stitches to heal. But it is still the most effective and best method to reduce buttock fat.

Minor risks involved in the surgery include:

  1. Mild bleeding
  2. Minor swelling and redness
  3. Reaction to anesthesia

Since this is a delicate area, you should consult your doctor first and book an appointment with the most experienced surgeon. Most surgeons will perform a sloppy job, leaving you with elastic skin and a bad contour. But our team of plastic surgeons at SKN Cosmetic Surgery and Clinic will ensure that you face no such side effects.

What are the Inclusion Conditions for Buttock Liposuction?

This procedure can be performed on an individual looking to get a more firm butt. But since it’s a delicate area, there are still a few things that should be considered. The following are conditions required for getting this procedure done:

  • The patient must be 18 or over
  • They should be on a healthy diet
  • They should not have any chronic illnesses
  • They should refrain from taking intoxicants
  • They should not be underweight

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