synthetic Hair transplant in Islamabad Pakistan

In the category of hair loss candidates, there is another type of issues for some people who are completely bald and they don’t have hairs even on the donor side of the head. A perfect solution for those who are completely bald and hopeless of having an attractive look by the hair, there is a treatment rarely known as Synthetic Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan. Also, it is commonly known as artificial hair transplant where hair strands are used in the transplantation procedure and appear as natural that no one can notice about them. 


According to SKN cosmetics, it is a process of transplanting artificial hairs into the scalp accurately. It is a simple and safest procedure as well as ideal for those male and female candidates who are experiencing pattern baldness. After implanting, no one can detect these hair strands and undergoing candidate can easily continue the daily routine without hiding themselves for several months as compared to a traditional hair transplanting. 

Candidacy Criteria:

Generally, it is the best option for those candidates who feels totally hopeless about getting traditional proper hair transplantation. There are many people out there who don’t have enough hairs on the donor side or due to health condition. These type of bald people can easily undergo this artificial transplanting. 

As well as it is the best treatment for those who have fear of undergoing a procedure that has a long recovery period. Yes, of course, you can have it but after a few necessary tests and discussion with your expert surgeon. You should have an initial session with your practitioner where you can openly discuss the procedure and your suitability. Also, you can ask about your desired look. 

The Outcomes:

At SKN cosmetic, we deliver dramatic and miraculous results in this type of treatment where no one can observe the artificial strands. This procedure provides immediate results and according to your desired look. The most effective outcome of this treatment is you don’t have to wait for the growth of hair like traditional hair transplanting require 8 to 10 months for complete results. Before and after photographs may require for showing satisfying results to candidates. 

Advantages of Having Synthetic Hair Transplant:

There is a lot of benefit of Synthetic Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan. Some of them are like, you can have these hair strands according to your desire colour, length and in different volumes. As well as they will naturally and you don’t have to wait for a long time, no need to be worried if you are experiencing complete baldness. 

About The Procedure:

The procedure of synthetic hair transplanting is not different from real hair transplanting. It is performed the same as traditional transplantation and under local anaesthesia. The only difference in this procedure is hair strands. These hair strands are made up of polyamide fibre, they can be in different size/lengths, different natural colours and an ideal material for a candidate’s hair unit. 

So, these hairs will be inserted with an implanted device on the area where they need to be implanted under local anaesthesia. The practitioner will insert these artificial hairs into the head to a depth of0.2 to 0.3 mm carefully. After these steps, a candidate can go anywhere and there will be no need to wait for the hairs to regrow. The final results will be the same like even after few months but while this, the healing process will improve from time to time. 

All Summed Up!

However, this is a procedure the same as hair transplant but the only difference is that the hair will be the artificial and best suitable option for those who don’t have donor site hair. If you want to undergo this effective and amazing treatment then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for it. We will provide dramatic and promising results.