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Botox for Sweaty Glands Islamabad,Rawalpindi & PakistanThe sweaty glands are a problem because they interrupt our normal routine work. For all those who have got the sweaty glands, we have good news! You do not to worry anymore; here is the way out. If you have decided to say goodbye to your naughty sweaty glands, the Botox for Sweaty Glands Islamabad,Rawalpindi,Peshawar is the way forward.

The treatment is safe and easy to perform. You do not need to take off from the office. The treatment delivers guaranteed results and the recovery time is almost zero. In this topic, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of the Botox for Sweaty Glands.


Every human being has glands that produce sweat. Typically, a person with excessive sweaty glands is the best candidate for the Botox for Sweaty Glands.

  • You do not have any neurological disorder.
  • Your armpits, palms or soles are producing excessive sweat.
  • You do not have any disease that affects nerves and muscles.


The Botox for Sweaty Glands Treatments is an effective treatment that aims at normalizing the excessive sweat production in various parts of the body. The treatment works by blocking the neurotransmitter that stimulates sweat glands.


The Botox for Sweaty Glands is used to reduce the excessive sweating in various areas of the body. The treatment is quite helpful for the people with hyperhidrosis.


Before the Botox for Sweaty Glands Islamabad,Rawalpindi,Peshawar kicks off, you will have to follow the instructions from the doctor that may include the following;

  • Before the treatment, do not use any cosmetic product.
  • Avoid the use of antiperspirant on the day before the treatment.
  • Half an hour before the treatment, do not use hot drinks and do not exercise.
  • Avoid the use of any kind of allergy medications, sleeping aids or muscle relaxants.


The Botox for Sweaty Glands does not involve the use of anesthesia. Less than 15 minutes are needed to finish the treatment. The best thing about it is that it has a high success rate for all skin types. The treatment is performed in the following steps;

Step 1: To avoid infection, the treatment area is cleansed.

Step 2: The little pain is bearable but sometimes a topical anesthetic cream.

Step 3: The doctor dries the area and applies the iodine to identify sweat glands.

Step 4: The treatment areas are marked where injections are needed.

Step 5: Fine needles are used to inject the small amount of dose.

Step 6: The cold compresses are applied to the treatment site to ease the discomfort, swelling and bruising.


The Botox Injections for Sweaty Glands Treatment has many benefits. Enlisted below are the notable benefits;

  • The treatment is non-surgical.
  • The treatment is minimally-invasive.
  • The treatment delivers guaranteed results.
  • The treatment takes a short time to complete.
  • It delivers the guaranteed sweat reduction results.


If you take the Botox for Sweaty Glands Islamabad,Rawalpindi Treatment, you have nothing to worry about the recovery. It is due to the reasons that the treatment involves just minimal side effects and there is no downtime involved. That is why it is performed on an outpatient basis.

Post-Treatment Care

The patient will have to take care of the treatment areas after the Botox for Sweaty Glands treatment. Avoid touching and rubbing the treatment area. You will start seeing the complete results of the treatment in the coming days. Your doctor will tell you about the post-op care.


The complete results of the treatment will be visible in the coming days. The results of the Botox for Sweaty Glands Islamabad Treatment last for 3 to 12 months. The effects of the treatment are not fixed and the patient may have to take another session in the future.


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