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Birthmarks are comprised of numerous types of normal tissue or pigment that have lost their way to their actual destination during fetal growth. Most birthmarks are usually small and do not cause any medical problems and thus birthmark removal in Islamabad is the best process to get rid of Birthmarks The common birthmarks are comprised of either pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) or blood vessels. Hardly, certain birthmarks can be an indication of a more serious medical problem.

What is a birthmark?

Any mark is a spot, or bump that exists in or around the time of birth on the skin of an infant is known as a birthmark. Mothers usually give rather romantic names such as angel’s kisses or stork bites to these birthmarks. 

Different types of birthmarks:

Birthmarks removal in Islamabad can be characterized according to their structure. Marks as a result of excessive buildups of melanin are called pigmented birthmarks; the great majority of these types of birthmarks are brown to black. 

Some birthmarks are composed of blood vessels, these are called vascular birthmarks. They are usually in red, blue, or purple color. Other birthmarks are comprised of lymphatic tissue, breast tissue, and epidermal tissue, which are habitually yellow to flesh-colored.

Characteristics of pigmented birthmarks:

Pigmented birthmarks can be smooth or prominent, merely because of too much deposition of melanin pigment in the deeper layers of the skin called dermal melanosis. This is predominantly common in more heavily pigmented infants. 

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Characteristics of vascular birthmarks:

The color of vascular birthmarks varieties from light pink to dark purple and they can be either smooth or prominent. Their size is quite inconstant, as well. Certain types of vascular birthmarks can develop and modify after birth.

Causes of birthmarks:

Most birthmarks are probably due to the imperfect relocation of cells during fetal growth. Once these cells start to grow, they produce tissue with the features of their cell type though they are not where those cells usually are positioned.

Symptoms and signs linked with birthmarks:

Pigmented birthmarks, apart from their coloration, cause no symptoms. Whereas, vascular birthmarks of specific types can produce significant symptoms. The diagnosis of the type of vascular birthmarks may be challenging and require certain advanced imaging methods as well as a pathological examination of samples of the birthmark. Certain vascular birthmarks called hemangiomas, these marks are flat lesions at birth but expand swiftly during the first few months of life. They might disappear gradually, leaving only a scar. If this type of lesion is found adjacent to an important functional structure like an eye or mouth, it may need to be treated to accelerate the natural resolution.

Treatment for Birthmarks Removal:

A substantial number of birthmarks die away without any treatment. However, if the birthmark creates any health problems, or if a person feels wants to get rid of it, then treatment options can be considered.

Treatment can be painful at times, and it is not always effective, because all birthmarks are not treatable. If a birthmark is causing problems with eyesight, feeding, hearing, or breathing, then the doctor should try to evaluate the potential risks of treatment with the expected benefits for the child. 

A doctor usually makes a fairly precise prediction of how a child’s birthmark will grow. If he considers that a birthmark requires treatment, he might suggest one of the following treatment options:

Oral Medications:

A doctor may prescribe some oral medications such as Propranolol, Interferon alpha-12, and Corticosteroids for an infant. These medications are useful to stop the further development of hemangiomas by narrowing the existing blood vessels and preventing new ones from developing.

Laser removal: 

Doctors usually use this type of therapy for port-wine stains and other birthmarks that are adjacent to the skin’s surface. Laser Birth Mark Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is very effective for birthmark removal. 


If other therapies are not operative and the birthmark is instigating a medical problem, a doctor may endorse a surgery. Surgery depends on several factors, including the type, position, and severity of the birthmark.