Buttock Lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Usually, it is called ‘belt lipectomy’, one of the corrective strategies to evacuate or enhance additional stores of fats from the buttock that may emerge because of hereditary elements, maturing, or sudden weight reduction. These elements cause the skin to droop or to form wrinkles massively by losing the flexibility of the skin. Buttock Lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is achieving positive outcomes by improving the form, size, shape, and state of the butt. In the event, that there is a vast volume to expel, you should consider having a lower body lift at SKN Clinic.

Results and Benefits:


  • Improves the additional volume of skin
  • Gives an opportunity to wear fit clothing
  • Contributes in getting the attractive body shape
  • Provides a well-contoured and lifted skin appearance


When you are finished with the Butt Lift Treatment, you will get a more soft-hued and lifted appearance. Understanding the need to keep up stable weight with a specific end goal will further help you in maintaining the outcomes for a long period of time. Abstain from rubbing, stretching, and scratching the treated area to achieve the results you desire.

Cost for Butt Lift:

The average cost of Buttock Lift in Islamabad Pakistan along with fat grafting or Implants ranges from  130,000 PKR to 170,000 PKR. Depending upon the standards of quality provided to you, these can last from several months to a lifetime; they could cost you the same amount over again, or be done for good.

Who Is Candidate?

This restorative treatment of butt can be utilized to treat the patients who are not satisfied with their appearance and need to bring a change in the shape and size of the buttock. You are a perfect candidate if:

  • You are in good medical well-being
  • You have elastic skin on the butt region
  • You have an abundance of fatty deposits for lifting
  • You have lost shape due to sudden weight loss
  • You are more hesitant about your gluteus muscles

Aim of Treatment:

The corrective treatment of Buttock Lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi is expecting to enhance the appearance of the rear-end normally by bringing down body lifting to form the stomach area. It is giving a critical answer for every one of those individuals who need to accomplish appealing looking body figure. Following other plastic medical procedure strategies, a butt lift can be performed alone as well as with the blend of other cosmetic treatments.

Technique We Use:

Thinking about the size, shape, and measure of fat, a suitable treatment for lifting your butt will be chosen for you after ensuring your candidacy. The techniques that we use at SKN Clinic are:

1) Buttock Implants:

  • You will be regulated by applying intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.
  • On the two sides of the upper backside, towards the base and between the wrinkles of the gluteus area, a cut is made.
  • The length of an entry point relies upon the area that should be dealt with. Once the cut is made, the silicon implant is put either in the muscle or over the gluteus muscle.
  • Following the procedure, cuts are finally closed by utilizing the sutures and tape in the buttock tissues.

2) Brazilian Butt Lift:

The treatment begins by applying anesthesia to keep away from inconvenience during the Procedure of Brazilian Butt lifting.

  • This procedure is carried out in conjunction with liposuction which is performed in the created incision.
  • An empty tube or cannula is utilized by embeddings in the cut to lose the additional stores of fats.
  • A complex syringe or vacuum connected to the cannula is then used to suck the undesirable fat from the tissues.
  • It results in suckered tissues, fatty/greasy material, and blood that are further prepared for adding the prepared fat stores to the butt in the posterior region.


As per your medical condition, you may encourage staying for a night at a doctor’s facility or you may go home after Buttock Lift in Islamabad Pakistan. Once you are done, the skin tissues need to recuperate legitimately. Swelling and wounding can seem ok after the medical procedure. It takes a few days to dispose of the wounding. However, it can take a very long time in settling down the swelling effect. You have to take a rest from your standard exercises for seven days for the best outcomes.

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While considering a Buttock Lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan always search for a board-ensured restorative specialist with specific preparation and huge experience. SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in the twin urban areas is here to bring your effective young appearance. Get in touch with us to plan a free discussion by filling the consultation form.