Forehead lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

What Is A Forehead Lift?

Among many signs of aging, few of them are:

  • Dangling eyebrows
  • Hooding eyelids
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Glabellar lines/forehead furrows

A Technique purposely designed to remove the muscles that are causing above mentioned problems on the skin is known as Fore Head Lift.

Method Of Treatment:

A Forehead lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is an on clinic surgery procedure. Such delicate surgeries cannot be performed at home without the observance of an expert. During the surgery,

  • Local Anesthesia is given to the patient.
  • Hair is sectioned and held away from the point of surgery.
  • The surgeon will make incisions at ear level and it continues till forehead.
  • Some surgeons use several cuts and perform surgery using an endoscope.
  • After removing excess skin and muscle, the creases are closed with stitches.

During all the procedures, one may feel little stretching on the forehead or discomfort.

Types Of Surgery:

There are two types of forehead lift surgery

  • The Classical or Coronal forehead lift: In this procedure, the incision starts from ear level and goes around the top of the forehead to another ear level. In this way, skin lifting of the forehead is performed.
  • The Endoscopic Forehead lift: Several incisions are made and from one of them, a thin tube called an endoscope is inserted. This method takes a short recovery time.

Why It Is Done:

The effects of aging start appearing on skin in the ’40s or ’50s. Some effects are also associated with inherited conditions such as furrowed lines above the nose or falling eyebrows. Forehead lip lift procedure is done to remove a muscle that is the main cause of such complications.

Good Candidates:

Candidates that are appropriate for this procedure are those having:

  • Profound furrows between eyes.
  • Tissues hanging down on the outer part of the eyelid.
  • Nose not working properly.
  • Drooping brows.
  • Good health.

Before The Procedure:

Before surgery, one has a proper and detailed consultation with a doctor regarding treatment which includes the patients’ medical history and psychological evaluation.

A doctor may advise avoiding blood thinner medicines. Health care must be your top priority before surgery. Refrain from eating anything the night before surgery.  Also, Reduce water intake before some time.

After The Procedure:

After the forehead lift is done,

  • To prevent swelling, you need to keep raising your head for 2 to 3 days.
  • Bruising and swelling may occur around the eyes but disappear in little days.
  • There will be itching on the forehead and scalp.
  • After 15 days, the stitches will be removed.
  • Temporary numbness and discomfort in the surgical area.
  • You can take shower after 2 days of surgery.
  • Most of the signs of surgery take 2-3 times to vanish.


When surgery is performed with utmost attention, the results are magnificently natural-looking.

before after forehead lift in islamabadresults forehead lift in islamabadImages of forehead lift in islamabad

Risks Of Forehead Lift Treatment:

Risks of Forehead lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan are as follow:

  • There may appear a pocket of blood under the skin.
  • Long-lasting pain.
  • Slow healing of wounds.
  • Formation of blood clots.
  • Reaction to anesthesia.

Cost Of Procedure:

The surgery cost starts from 70,000 PKR depending upon the nature of the procedure (either surgical or nonsurgical) and also it varies differently according to the clinic and doctors’ reputation. Cost disparity also depends upon the area to be covered for surgery. If it requires more time and handling, the cost may increase automatically.


The condition of one’s brow and eyes can uncover much with regards to their age. As people grow older, the skin of the temple and forehead can turn out to be progressively remiss, causing the arrangement of profound wrinkles, and drooping over the eyes. These actual changes can significantly affect look and appearance… For people who have these worries, a unique methodology like forehead lift can give a critical upgrade to their general facial appearance.

For people who are considered acceptable for the medical procedure. Forehead lift can be performed to make a more young, fiery appearance by achieving the accompanying changes:

  • Smooth brow wrinkles.
  • Raise and reposition the brow line along the normal forehead edge.
  • Provide a refreshing curve to the eyebrows.
  • Diminish the presence of drooping upper eyelids
  • Work on the presence of “crow’s feet” wrinkles.
  • Smooth the presence of wrinkled brows.
  • Eliminate abundant skin.


Disadvantages associated with forehead lift are

  • Hair loss occurs at the area of scar or around it.
  • The sensation may lose around the incision.
  • In some cases, the scar may appear on the skin after surgery.

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