Laser Tattoo Removal On Woman's Shoulder Against Gray Background

Everybody desires to get tattoos to look cool, but what if you’re tired from it? And you don’t want these tattoos anymore? No problem. You can get the best Picosure Tattoo Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan to abolish these tattoos permanently without any pain because it’s the safest and popular approach anyone can get.

Picosure tattoo removal is the most successful treatment in removing tattoos without any side effects and complications. No doubt it’s the complex procedure to remove tattoos but only with other procedures. Lasers are one of the safest ways to eradicate tattoos but it doesn’t treat the whole area in one go, more than one session is required according to the tattoo size of the patient. The plus point of this treatment is that along with the tattoo removal, Picosure laser removal treatment can also treat acne scars and wrinkles without damaging the skin. People who suffer from unwanted tattoos are the best ones to get this treatment.

Treatment Options:

The treatment option can be chosen by the doctor according to the tattoo condition, most of the Dermatologists prefer to have laser treatment to get off undesired tattoos. Different procedures help to get rid of unwanted tattoos, some dominant ones include:

  1. Picosure Laser tattoo removal
  2. Faux-removal
  3. Dermabrasion

Results & Benefits:

The outcomes attained from Picosure laser treatment can be noticed within a few days after treatment. Your tattoo will start fading after one session but after attending 5-6 sittings, your tattoo will be removed permanently. This laser practice is the safest approach to remove a tattoo without any side effects and difficulties. A lot of benefits can be acquired after getting this treatment but some common ones include:

  1. The non-surgical approach doesn’t require any incisions
  2. Painless technique
  3. It removes tattoo 2-4 times efficient than other laser removal procedures
  4. Causes less damage to the tissue
  5. Every color of ink can be treated with this practice

Are you the right candidate?

People who want to get rid of undesired tattoos can be a good candidate for this procedure. But before you for the Picosure laser treatment, make sure that your health is good enough to acquire this laser process. You’re an ideal one to get this treatment if:

  1. You have good physical and mental health
  2. If you’re unhappy with your tattoos
  3. You are 18 or above
  4. You’re not pregnant or on breastfeeding
  5. You don’t suffer from skin allergic reaction
  6. You’re willing to get off tattoos

Preparing before Treatment:

You must be prepared well before you go for the Laser Picosure treatment. Some instructions must be followed by every patient for better results and efficient recovery:

  1. Discuss medications with your doctor, it’s advised to stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen
  2. Don’t come without eating anything
  3. Wash treatment area before the procedure starts
  4. Avoid waxing or threading, it’s suggested to shave the treatment area
  5. Avoid sun exposures
  6. Avoid using cosmetics on your tattoo area


Picosure Tattoo Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is done through anesthetic numbing cream to avoid soreness during treatment. Doctors start the treatment through a laser device, which produces a very short pulse to engage the tattoo area. This results in breaking down the ink particles with little damaging the skin tissue but there is no need to worry about it, the damaged tissue will be healed within some time. However, if your tattoo is big, your doctor will be using more laser pulses to get off from it. Once you’re done with the treatment, an ice pack should be used for a better healing process and some dressing is put on the tattoo area to protect it from sun exposures.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions usually depends upon the tattoo condition of the patient. Most of the practitioners suggest getting 6-7 sessions for complete and permanent outcomes. Somehow, the number of tattoos, conditions, and size also matters a lot in deciding the number of sessions.

Aftercare & Recovery:

Once you’re done with the Picosure laser treatment, you will experience some mild discomfort, redness, and bruising for some time, which can be avoided through ice packs and it will go away within some time. The whole recovery process can take almost one week according to the condition of the tattoo area. However, Patients are advised to follow some aftercare instructions to speed up the healing process:

  1. Avoid smoking, drinking and strenuous exercises
  2. Don’t rub or put pressure on your treatment
  3. Use topical medications, if prescribed
  4. Follow post-sessions accurately

How much Picosure Tattoo removal cost?

The cost of Picosure Tattoo Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan varies from patient to patient because every patient has different tattoo sizes and conditions.

However, the expertise of the doctor also matters a lot. The SKN Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic provides the finest Picosure tattoo removal treatments at affordable rates. There are some common factors on which cost depends:

  1. Number of tattoos
  2. Tattoo situation and size
  3. Number of sessions
  4. Expertise of doctor
  5. Clinic location

Why choose us?

Are you unhappy with your tattoos? Or you want to get rid of these with the safest approach? There is no need to worry about it. Our clinic provides the best Picosure laser treatments to get off these tattoos permanently without facing complications. So if you want to get rid of it with the finest approach you can feel free to consult SKN cosmetics Clinic to consider the best Picosure Tattoo Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.