Body Jet Liposuction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

To shed extra pounds from the body, people pass through different ways from exercising to consume low carbohydrates diet. Some may up their consumption of high fiber fruits and vegetables. For some people, these methods don’t necessarily work out quite well. However, this is the right time to know about liposuction in Islamabad.

Liposuction is a modern way that helps to reduce stubborn fats from the body and doesn’t lead them to reproduce again in any other part either.

Liposuction is an ancient procedure for weight loss, yet many people don’t have any know-how about it. Old school liposuction devices are thought to be painful but with the evolvement of modern technology, they are gentle. This method is mostly used for suction of that annoying fat adhere in arms, lower belly, and thighs.

Body Jet Liposuction: A Modern Technique:

The modernized technique for liposuction is Body-Jet Liposuction. It uses water injection at the tip of the liposuction cannula. This is then inserted into skin to ejaculate fat. The suctioned fat then comes out through the vacuum pipe.

Painless Treatment:

Since body jet washes the fat from tissues through water therefore it is less painful. The idea of it can be obtained by the fact that the operation is performed by the patient awake.

Important Factors To Consider:

The most important thing to consider here is that it is not what was removed during the procedure but what was left after the procedure. The fat under the skin should be preserved so that skin has a soft and smooth texture. The remaining fat act as structural support to bits of help keeps skin beautifully toned.

Gentle In Nature:

Body jet is a new technique that is gentle therefore it causes less swelling and pain in contrast to other liposuction types.

Method Of Body Jet Technique:

Few small incisions are placed in the hidden areas like the bikini or belly button. The small tube then placed along with tumescent solution. Tumescent solution is a mixture of saline, adrenaline, and local anesthetic. Then with the help of cannulas, saline injection dislodges the fat from the area to be treated. Also the fat removal process is not done in one pass of the cannula. For different areas, different position of the patient is required.

After Liposuction Is Done:

After liposuction is finished, the incisions are then closed carefully with small stitches which are then removed later after a week approximately.

Liposuction Vs Laser Treatments:

With a higher percentage of effectiveness from the last 3 decades, liposuction is considered as the best treatment concerning other laser treatments as there is a chance of other side effects such a skin burn and other issues are accompanied by it.

Liposuction Vs Non-Surgical Method:

Non-surgical methods have also been introduced such as fat freezing machines but their accuracy is minimal and sometimes non-significant for the patients. Hence they can also not compete with the accuracy level of liposuction techniques.

Pros Associated With Body Jet Liposuction:

  • The use of local anesthesia in a Tumescent solution has a lower risk of danger than general anesthesia.
  • Fat is broken with précised water jet before removal therefore less swelling and bruises encounter.

Permanency Of Procedure:

The bottle jet liposuction result can be considered permanent but a healthy diet and regular exercise help in long-lasting results.

Treatment Cost:

The cost of treatment ranges from Rs 100,000 to Rs 400,000 and varies from clinic to clinic.

Appropriate Candidate For Body Jet:

  • The person who has an excess amount of fat and exercises and diet is not helping him anymore.
  • Bulgy Stomach all around.

Time Duration Of Treatment:

Body jet liposuction takes around 1 hour depending upon the quantity of fat and areas being treated.

How Long Is The Recovery Phase?

Surgeons recommend 2-3 days for recovery after the treatment. Afterward, a patient may resume everyday activities.

Aftercare Of Treatment:

Doctor recommend

  • Compressed dressing to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid exercising and physical activities for 2 to 3 days.

Eat healthily.