Monsplasty in Islamabad Pakistan

All of us want a beautifully contoured body, we give the candidate high satisfying results through a safer methodology. To know more about the treatment read the following page and book yourself an appointment with us. And avail the service!

What Is Monsplasty?

It means a lift in the pubic, the motive of the procedure is to fix the excessive fat and the sagging of the skin on the heap of pubic which is not repaired by a tummy tuck. This helps to lessen and tightens the mons of pubic and plays aesthetic and functional roles. There are many candidates who opt for the combination with the lower body lift, or abdominoplasty.

Essence OF The Treatment:

It is a type of aesthetic surgery where the excessive skin and bulky tissues are eliminated from the plumpy pad on the bone of the pubic. The plumpy bone is also known as the mons pubis. The other word for this methodology is known as pubic lift.

What Are The Outcomes Of The Procedure:

Monsplasty in Islamabad, Pakistan gives the most effective and satisfying outcomes. The individuals find themselves more confident about their bodies once the swelling is eliminated.

Cost Of The Treatment:

According to the SKN Clinic, The Cost of the Monsplasty in Islamabad varies from 120,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR. The cost will depend on a variety of factors which includes the consultation with the practitioner, the fee of the specialist, anesthesia, dressings, or where the clinic is located.

What Are The Advantages Of The Treatment?

  • The aspect of looking younger will be restored.
  • The region of the pubic will be toned.
  • The methodology is successful and safer.
  • The outcome of the treatment is satisfying.
  • It gives definition and symmetry.
  • Refreshing of mons pubis can ease the individual to gain normal functioning of the urinary system.
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem will be boosted.
  • Tighter and finer mons pubis.
  • Monsplasty will decrease the involvement with sexual activity.
  • With this methodology, abdominoplasty can be performed.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Treatment?

This treatment is secured with minimal risks, below are a few complex situations:

  • Bleeding excessively.
  • More noticeable scar.
  • Infection may be caused.
  • Bruising

A Good Candidate:

Monsplasty in Islamabad, Pakistan recommends all the women go through this methodology who are going through a few issues mentioned below:

  • After pregnancy, the structure of the pubic area requires a change.
  • Droopiness has begun to appear in the region of the pubic.
  • In fitted clothing, the mons pubis develops prominent.
  • Because of the swelling in the region of the pubic, the individual does not feel confident.
  • If the puffiness is interfering with your looks and functioning.
  • If the individual wants to reinstate the youth ness.
  • The dimension of the region is bothering you.
  • The candidate must have practical goals for the refinement of your appearance.

Preparations Before The Methodology:

There are a few steps that you will acquire to put into consideration:

  • Restrain from drinking alcohol two to three days before the treatment.
  • Avoid smoking 15 days before the surgery.
  • Do not take medicines that might increase bleeding.
  • Stop taking all the herbal remedies two weeks before the treatment.

What Is The Procedure?

Before undergoing the treatment of aesthetic surgery. The individual must discuss the best methodology with the practitioner to get the best outcome. It is vital to have practical assumptions, the procedure will work best if your overall health is good.

Recovery After The Treatment:

After the treatment, the individual might observe some discomfort or minimal pain in the mons pubis and the lower abdomen. The candidate will also observe light puffiness and injury right after the treatment, which will last for approximately 20 days.

Timeline For Recovery:

  • Three Days: The candidate will be able to walk slowly after the treatment.
  • A Week: The candidate can get back to work.
  • Three Weeks: The incisions may be healed and you can have a shower after the following week.
  • Four to Six weeks: The candidate can continue to participate in any other normal activities that are physical.
  • Seven-week: The candidate will be able to observe the outcome of the treatment soon after the treatment.

The solution is for the long-term but excessive fat can happen again if the individual gains weight.

The Takeaway!

Monsplasty in Islamabad, Pakistan provides the best methodology that eliminates the excess tissue of fat and droopy skin. Noticeable results will be immediately observed. To experience a remarkable and memorable flawless appearance consult with our surgeons. Our specialists are here to give you the most desired look. For more information contact us or fill out the form below.