Thigh Lift Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

At times the abundance of fat and skin collects on the thigh district making individuals look older, heavier, and less fit. Thigh lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi removes such greasy stores and free droopy skin to forming thighs of better tone and surface. SKN is putting forth a perfect handy treatment to accomplish smooth, firm, and appealing upper legs by delivering a lifting effect. When you are finished with the corrective medical procedure, you appreciate alluring looking altered changes.

Results and Benefits:


  • eliminates tenacious pounds of fat
  • the safest and compelling treatment
  • brings pronounced definition to thighs
  • minimizes and diminishes stretch marks
  • helps in muscle fixing for enhancing the shape
  • tight Skin


Quick outcomes are not conveyed right after the treatment. Initially, thighs seem swollen, wounded, and red in appearance that keeps going for a few days during recovery. The skills and expertise of cosmetic surgeons deliver slimmer, youthful-looking and easily molded thighs. SKN is changing the reasoning of the sufferers by conveying satisfying results. As every patient is unique so distinct outcomes might be accomplished.

Thigh Lift in Islamabad Thigh Lift in Islamabad & Rawalpindi Thigh Lift in Rawalpindi

Who Is Candidate?

Any individual with additional collapsed skin and overabundance of fat pockets in upper legs, thighs, and butt can go for Thigh Lift Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. You can also fit for the candidacy if:

  • You are restoratively healthy and fit
  • You have practical desires for thigh lift
  • You have droopy skin around the upper legs
  • You are unpleased with the existing shape

Cost of Thigh Lift:

The Average Cost of this procedure is about 145,000 PKR to 220,000 PKR. This can vary depending upon your location in Pakistan, the expertise of your surgeon, and the kind of surgical tools, equipment, and procedures required for you to achieve a contoured look.

Aim of Treatment:

A thigh lift is dealing with those people who are not happy with their physical appearance. The treatment helps them by working with the aim of reshaping thighs in order to look naturally contoured according to their desires. By conveying wanted restorative objectives after removing unwanted skin and fats, this medical procedure gives more young and proportionate self-perception. Individuals with poor skin versatility and adaptability are prescribed to Cosmetics experience thigh lifting strategy with liposuction.

Technique We Use:

The technique we use at SKN Clinic for conveying lifting impacts to thighs incorporates the following steps:


General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is typically connected before beginning the Fat surgery. Thusly, it is done easily as the patient does not feel any uneasiness.

Incision Creation:

In the second step, the surgeon creates incisions in the area of treatment that are situated precisely and absolutely according to his preference. For incision creation, two common techniques are widely carried out. These are:

Inner Thigh Lift Incision:

One strategy used for a thigh lift places cut focuses in the groin area, making it extend descending and folding over the back of the thigh. Another procedure kills inexactly bound skin from groin to the knees. These cuts can only be made just in the groin region. This is dictated by the specialist.

Outer Thigh Lift Incision:

The cuts are made and situated from the crotch to the hips and over the back. Such a medical procedure is performed for enhancing the shapes of external thighs.

Closing the Cuts:

Profound sutures inside the fundamental skin tissues help in framing and supporting the recently molded contours. Sutures, skin glue tapes or clips might be utilized to close the created incisions.


Post care should be taken for fast recovery. Incision points must be kept clean and at a strategic distance from the dangers of contamination but they frequently leave scars at the hip which get faded after some time and can be covered up by a swimming outfit. Substantial drinking is confined as it can hinder the healing process. Around six to a year is normally required to come up with complete recovery and final results.

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Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Islamabad and Rawalpindi offers an effective Thigh Lift Surgery. If you want to lift your thighs, you should elect us. On getting the treatment, you will feel certain about your legs and feel incredible in whatever you choose to wear. On the off chance that you need more information of interest on precisely how the thigh lift technique is done and its cost, round out a FREE consultation. We’ll hit you up at the earliest opportunity.