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Warts Removal in Islamabad and RawalpindiWarts are small, craggy lumps that are present in the color similar to skin; they mostly occur on hands and feet but can grow on other regions as well. Warts occur when virus comes in contact with skin, it mostly grows on surfaces that are damaged e.g. a cut, in this way they come in contact with the top layer of skin.

What are types of warts?

Warts grow on different parts of body. Depending upon this criterion, Warts Removal treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi can further be classified into these types:

  • Common warts: This type of warts mostly occurs on fingers and toes but is not restricted to these parts only, they can also occur on other regions of body. They have rugged, grainy surface which is grayer then rest of body color.
  • Planter: Another type of warts includes planter warts. These kinds of warts grow into skin and not out of it. So planter warts will have a small hole surrounded by hardened skin. They occur on foot sole.
  • Flat warts: They occur on face, thighs or arms and in appearance they look like as if they have been trimmed, as the name suggests these are flat from top. They might be pink, brown or yellow in color.
  • Filiform:  They grow around nose or mouth sometimes on neck and under chin and are of same color as your skin. They are small and in appearance they look like a flap of skin
  • Periungal warts: These grow on and around finger and toe nail which results in growth of nails, they can be very painful.

Causes of Warts:

Warts are caused by human pappiloma virus; there are different types of this virus that affect different parts of body. This virus comes in contact with skin and infects that area. Each warts is caused by different HPV type there are 130 known types lf HPV

  • Common warts are most commonly caused by HPV type 2 and 4.
  • Plantar warts occur mostly due to type 1.
  • Flat warts are caused by type 3, 10, 28.

What treatments are used for Warts Removal?

A number of treatments are being used in Warts Removal in Islamabad, including medication, surgery etc. We will go through some of these treatments briefly:

  • Salicylic acid: It can be used in wart removal in Islamabad. Some easily available gels and band aids contain salicylic acid, usually dermatologist prescribe the acid with higher concentration then easily available ones. But it should be applied carefully as it can burn the healthy skin. To prevent the skin Pigmentation, petroleum jelly should be applied around the warts. Before treating the warts with salicylic acid it is best to soften the warts, this can be done by rubbing the dead skin of warts weekly. Warts should be soaked in water for five minutes ahead of treatment. Treat warts 3 times a day for 3 months
  • Immiquimod: It is a cream approved by food and drug administration US that helps immune system to fight against the warts BY encouraging production of interferon.
  • Cantharidin: Another treatment that can be used in wart removal in Islamabad is Cantharidin. It is a naturally found in beetle family members and can cause blistering. This method is not approved by food and drug administration but is readily in various places in Canada and selected pharmacies in US.
  • Bleomycin: This method is also no approved by FDA as it can case necrosis (death of number or all cells in an organ or tissue). It can also cause Reynaud phenomenon.  This method includes one or two injections.
  • Dinitrochlorobenzene: This method of Warts Removal in Islamabad works in a similar way as salicylic acid. But with this method a lot more precautionary measures needs to be taken, as it can cause mutation. So it should be done under physician’s observation.
  • Cidofovir: Another option is antiviral drug which gets injection through voice box into HPV wound.

Procedures of Warts Removal Treatment:

If medication is not helping to treat warts, there are a number of procedures of Warts Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi that are performed on patient; some of those have been discussed below:

  • Cryotherapy: This therapy is done by freezing the warts; mostly liquid nitrogen spray is used for this purpose. Number of appointments varies according to which type is being treated. After carrying out Warts Removal Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi,  the warts fall off.
  • Laser: It uses two types of dyes including pulse and CO2 Both dyes work differently. CO2 dye works by absorption of water molecules while pulse dye works by blood cells absorption. Scars are caused by CO2 while pulse dye prevents scarring.
  • Infrared coagulator: It works on the similar principle as laser treatment; it uses infrared light in a small nozzle. It is less expensive as compared to laser treatment but it can cause scars.

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