dimple creation surgery in Islamabad Pakistan

Dimples are considered to be a very prominent feature that tends to enhance the beauty of any person. Who doesn’t likes dimples? Everyone does and we even secretly wish to have one or two dimples, and for that people even try some exercises like pressing your face with fingers to form a dimple. These might work for some but not for everyone. And some of the people even go for other options like surgery.

What causes dimples?

It’s easier to look for the treatment if you know the root cause. So, what really causes the creation of a dimple? The answer is simple. A fault in cheek muscle and skin tissues causes the creation of dimples. So a simple smile splits apart the area leading towards dimple formation. You must be wondering what sort of fault is that, which makes a person look more beautiful and who wouldn’t want this fault. Well, you don’t necessarily need to have check muscle fault to have a dimple you can even get one by simple treatments, listed below are some of the treatments for Dimple Creation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.


Dimpleplasty is the treatment that is being used for years for dimple creation in Islamabad on both cheeks and chin. There are doctors and clinics that perform this treatment on patients for Dimple Creation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan, here I am talking about Pakistan and not abroad. It can not only be used for people who don’t have dimples but also for those who would want to deepen their dimples to make their smiles more attractive. The entire treatment is about 30 to 60 minutes longer. And it may take two to three days to recover.

How does it work?

The procedure is started by giving the patient the local anesthesia, this step is done to numb the treatment site. The whole procedure is carried out on the inner skin so no scar or cut is formed on the outer skin. A small cut is made in the inner flesh a few millimeters deep by using a biopsy punch tool. This tool removes the minimal amount of the skin tissues due to which skin tends to weaken and drops inwards. A dissolvable suture or stitch is made from one to another cheek. This leads to permanent dimple formation.

Some of Our Dimple Creation Results are:


Dimple Creation in IslamabadDimple Creation in Islamabad & RawalpindiDimple Creation in Islamabad & Pakistan

Care tips:

After surgery surgeons give the instruction of what to do and what should be avoided. Following are some of those tips, as prescribed by doctors, that the patient must follow in order to allow the skin to heal properly to get a flawless and long-lasting look.

  • Patients should avoid foods or drinks that have a chance of coming in contact with the affected area so that the sore part is not affected.
  • It is necessary for the patient to wash their mouth regularly using a mouth wash to keep good hygiene.
  • The patient is also recommended to avoid smoking before and after the surgery as it can affect the healing process by delaying it.


Listed below are some of the plus points of this treatment that most of the patients desire for:

  • If all the steps are carried out carefully then it is a safe procedure.
  • If done properly this treatment gives a more natural look.
  • This treatment if done properly can give permanent results.
  • Since it is a minor surgical treatment that does not require a lot of time so patients are not hospitalized.


Mentioned below are some of the weak points that are needed to be considered before opting out this treatment:

  • After Dimple Creation surgery, the dimple is visible even if you are not smiling. But, after a few weeks, approximately 6 to 8 weeks, the dimple appears only when you smile.
  • Surgery, if not done properly can lead to injuries regarding salivary gland ducts, that provides the passage for the salivary juice to the oral cavity from glands.
  • If the procedure is not performed properly then it leads to failure of dimple creation and or even if a dimple is formed then it will be short-lived as it is not permanent.
  • There is also a potential risk that the patient might get infected. This risk can be prevented by cleaning the mouth before surgery.
  • There is a chance of the dimples to fade away, so the whole procedure had to be performed again.
  • After surgery, there will be swelling and bruising around the affected area due to which the patient tends to feel discomfort. But in a week or so the swelling will reduce gradually.
  • Since it is not a natural process for forming dimples on cheeks, so if the surgeon accidentally cuts the skin tissues more than the required size, there is a chance that the dimples will look bigger than the face itself giving a very unnatural and undesired look.