Fat injections for Fat transfer in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Fat injections for Fat transfer is an innovative cure for people looking to regain a youthful and ripe look. It is a process whereby fat is taken from a person’s fat-rich areas (like thighs, buttocks etc.) and injected in various areas which require fat. This treatment is for people who require an equal distribution of fat on various parts of their body to improve their overall look. Fat injections do not require much surgery and are non-invasive and have been found to be quite beneficial in reducing/minimizing the effects of aging.


So who can be a candidate for Fat injections for Fat transfer in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan? Well the following list provides good clarity about this notion:

1. You have deep creases on your face or it has lost volume
2. You want to improve your facial contours by giving volume to facial features
3. You want to improve your body contours, revise the scars, and fill in the depressions on various areas of your body
4. You want to give volume to certain areas of the body like breasts and buttocks
5. You have realistic expectations from the procedure
6. You are physically and mentally healthy
7. You are a non-smoker


The Fat Transfer Injections will help you achieve the following goals:

• Restoring your youthful facial contours
• Improving the curves of your body
• Improving the appearance of scars


If you have one of the following conditions, this treatment is good for you:

• Wrinkles
• Sagging
• Frown lines
• Crow’s feet
Under eye bags
• Sunken cheeks

Fat injections for Fat transfer in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan


So once you have decided to get this skin enhancement treatment, there is a process that needs to be followed to produce quality results efficiently and effectively. The process starts with a formal visit to a plastic surgeon, which performs a thorough physical examination. They will guide you about the procedure and give you a list of pre-treatment instructions. In this regard, some general, and important, pre-treatment instructions, which should be followed by every patient aiming to get Fat injections for Fat transfer and these are listed below:

  • Follow the recommended diet regimen
  • Avoid taking aspirin and other blood-thinning medications
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fluids
  • Regularly wear the sunblock; avoid all forms of tanning and sunbeds

Procedure of Fat Transfer:

The procedure is not long; it can take up to one hours to finish. It is minimally invasive and the core steps for the treatment include:

  • First step involves the administration of local anesthesia to numb the treatment area
  • Afterwards the surgeon harvests fat from the body parts having denser fat. These denser body parts usually abdomen, thighs and buttocks and the fat is extracted using small needles or through suction
  • The extracted fat is then processed using centrifuge
  • The fat is now inserted in the area where it is needed by using a tiny needle.


The Fat injections for Fat transfer Islamabad Treatment has many benefits and some of the notables include:

1. It enhances your facial balance by restoring the contours
2. It improves your curves by restoring volume of certain body areas
3. It is a minimally invasive treatment


The recovery period for Fat Injections treatment is different for every patient but you can expect your recovery period to follow below mentioned pattern:

1. Just after the procedure, you might experience some discomfort and pain that will subside shortly
2. Swelling and bruising might be significant for the initial few days of recovery but will subside in about a week
3. You will be able to resume your normal activities in about 1 to 2 weeks
4. You will see the final results after swelling completely goes away

Post-Treatment Care:

Post-treatment care is important for this cure to deliver quality results. The instructions from the surgeon vary from patient to patient. In order to get the best possible results, it is required to follow all guidelines.

1. Take a full course of antibiotics and pain medications
2. Use cold compresses to reduce swelling and bruising
3. Avoid taking bath or shower for the first two days of recovery
4. Avoid exertion or vigorous tasks for recommended period of time
5. Wear the compression garment for the recommended period of time

Results of Fat Transfer:

The patients who had undergone Fat injections for Fat transfer in Islamabad speak very highly about the effectiveness of this cure, as it improves their skin considerably. Based on the results a lot of people around the world are getting their fat areas treated through Fat Injections, as it not only helps beautify their skin but reduces the aging factors considerably, without any side effects.

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