Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment in Islamabad

Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment in Islamabad makes the procedures both, faster and more effective.

Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment?

Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) is used to accelerate your recovery and healing process for dental implant procedures. The growth factors or CGF are really powerful stimulants for your bone regeneration and it’s an advanced tool in modern dentistry.

Phases of Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF):

Following are the four phases of Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF):

  • Grafting
  • Filling your bone cavities
  • Enhancement of your bone
  • Protection of regenerated portions of your teeth and gums.

The dentistry surgical procedures like; gum rejuvenation, gum lifts, bone augmentation, and other periodontology procedures have been transformed by the CGF revolutionary rejuvenative technique.

The biggest benefit of Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment in Islamabad is that it will help you in the recovery and healing process of all dentistry surgical procedures including gum depigmentation, and it will reduce your pain level. It will treat your dental issues without adding foreign chemicals in your body.


The one and only aim of Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF), is to make your recovery and healing process faster. The treatment is combined with the dental procedures to expedite your recovery time period.

Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment is performed?

Before starting the Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF), the dentist will extract a small amount of blood from your body. Then the platelet growth factors from the red blood cells of your blood sample will be separated.


If you want to recover and heal quickly after undergoing the dentistry procedure, then feel free to consult the Skn Cosmetic Dentistry to consider Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment in Islamabad.