chemical Peels in Islamabad and RawalpindiChemical peels involve a chemical solution that is applied directly on the surface of skin on face, neck or hands to improve its appearance. Initially, it creates a blister and then the damaged skin eventually peels off. Chemical Peels in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan treats the skin in very controlled manner by producing controlled tissue death of damaged tissues.

Results and Benefits:


After removing old and damaged layer of skin, new smooth skin regenerates. Patients achieve smooth, fresh and well-defined texture of the skin. These results vary among individuals depending of skin type, skin condition and technique used. For encouraging continuous improvements and to keep skin irregularities at bay, you are required to follow maintenance schedule for several months.


  • Treats certain types of acne
  • Improves damaged skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines around mouth
  • Treats wrinkles that form due to aging
  • Eradicates pigmentation of sun/age spots
  • Fades freckles and melasma that arise in results of pregnancy

Who Is Candidate?

People with dark or fair complexion can get good result but people with fairer complexion are better candidates. Severe wrinkles, bulges and skin sags cannot be treated through Chemical Skin Peels Treatment and are more likely to under do face-lift, brow-lift, laser resurfacing or soft tissue fillers. You are an ideal candidate for the treatment if:

  • You are not pregnant
  • You are physically healthy
  • If you have fair or light haired skin
  • You are free from active skin disease/infection
  • You want attain healthy, fresh, spotless and glowing skin
  • You want to improve skin texture by reducing skin issues

Aim of Treatment:

The major aim of Chemical Peels Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is to give its sufferers the type of skin they dream of. It is achieved by improving look and feel of skin areas that get damage because of aging, sun exposure and in some cases heredity. After determining your skin condition, the dermatologist selects suitable treatment option for you.

Technique We Use:

Commonly three types of Chemical Peels in Islamabad & Rawalpindi are used to treat the irregularities of skin. These are:

  1. Superficial/lunchtime peel:

These chemical peels involve use of alpha-hydroxy acid or any mild acid that when applied penetrate only into the outer layer of skin. Once penetrated, it mildly and softly exfoliates it. Most importantly, this technique is used to treat discoloration and roughness to give fresher look to hands, neck, face and chest.

  1. Medium Peel:

Medium peel uses glycolic/trichloroacetic acid that penetrates in the middle layers of skin to overcome damaged skin cells. It is highly recommended for getting rid of age spots, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, freckles as well as precancerous skin growths.

  1. Deep Peel:

Phenol or tricholoroacetic acid is applied that deeply penetrates middle layer for removing the layer of damaged skin cells. The treatment is used to remove freckles, shallow scars and moderate lines. It is used only on face to give glow to facial profile.

Chemical Peels Recovery:

The stinging sensation of peels does not cause severe pain to deal. All types of Chemical Skin Peels require post-care program to come up with aesthetic results. Healing period of superficial peel is 1-7 days. Initially, treated skin appears red. Prescribed lotion or cream should be applied on daily basis until the skin heals.

  • 14 days are needed in complete healing though medium peels. It results in redness and swelling that lasts for about 48 hours. Following application of an ointment, treated skin must be soaked regularly. Patients are advised to avoid excessive sun exposure until healing process gets complete.
  • Deep peels need almost 21 days to heal the skin. Bandage is applied on the treated area right after the treatment. You are generally advised to soak your skin five to six times by applying ointment for 14 days. Wear sunscreen to keep safe from sun exposure. This treatment requires several follow-up treatments to administer progress.

Free Consultation:

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