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Everyone dreams of having perfectly thick, shiny, and luscious locks. But unfortunately, some circumstances make it challenging to maintain that flawless look forever. It does not matter how much you oil or take care of your hair, if the circumstances are not in line, you might lose all of it. Most people assume that losing your locks is mainly associated with old age, while studies show that most old people don’t lose their locks while several young people start shedding and lose the thickness of their mane.

But this does not mean the end of your social life. There are several medicated treatments out there that can help you regrow your mane, and getting a Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan is the most effective of them all. Here’s everything you should know about getting a hair transplant.

What Goes on During This Procedure?

This technique of regrowing hair does not require surgery but it is termed as a procedure that is minimally invasive. This means that although you might not require a full-on surgery, there might be some incisions made and you might need to take local anesthesia.

Both of them are invasive to a small extent and have a very short healing period. But one option, FUT, takes longer to heal as compared to the other.

All methods of graft implants have made it necessary that the patient is under local anesthesia to help with the discomfort and irritation. After the numbing agent has

been applied, the doctor will carefully extract the follicles and make grafts from them. These grafts are then precisely placed where they are required and sometimes bandaged. There are two types of transplants available.


This method involves removing an entire strip of hair from the harvesting site and then separating the follicles one by one. These grafts are then implanted where there is less hair. Due to the nature of this technique, it takes longer for the scars to heal and this option is also considered somewhat invasive as it requires an entire strip of follicles to be removed in one session.


FUE (follicular unit extraction) is quicker and only takes a few hours to be performed. The surgeon will harvest the hair follicles one by one and make individual grafts. This might seem like a time-consuming procedure but it is the opposite. Even though this option does not have much precision, it has a shorter recovery process and leaves minimal to no scarring. This plus point makes the FUE procedure more popular among people who have a hectic schedule.

Aftermath Of This Procedure:

Depending on which option you picked, the aftermath of this procedure will yield results from two to three months. This is the healing period for both the harvesting area and the transplanted area. The results are visibly prominent and they can be noticed within the four months of getting this treatment.

FUE transplants usually require the patient to wait around two weeks for the transplant site to form scabs and heal. As for any person getting a FUT transplant, they will have to wait around one month before the harvesting site fully heals.

There is visible growth and thickness and your strands look like your normal hair. Even the scars are hidden after your mane grows out.

Following are some pictures that show the visibly dramatic changes that occur after a person gets a transplant.

Are There Any Benefits to This Treatment?

The advantages or plus points of this treatment revolve around beauty and aesthetics as there are no medical benefits to this treatment.

· Your hair will look natural and will give off a synthetic feeling

· Your hair will be thicker and fuller as compared to your previously thinning hair

· It’s a much better and permanent alternative to getting hair extensions for women. As for men, it’s a good alternative to wearing a wig

· There are no complications involved in this treatment and there are few chances of the hair falling out.

Who Can Avail From This Procedure?

This hair-regaining treatment can be availed by both men and women. Women have the misconception that they are not the ideal candidates for getting a hair implant treatment but that’s not true. If anyone falls under the following categories of candidates, they can book an appointment to get their locks implanted

  • The patient should not lack any areas on the scalp or body that can be used for the transplant.
  •  The individual should at least be in their late twenties or above
  •  You can get this hair recovery procedure done on your scalp if you are suffering from chronic diseases.

Lastly, if you have any unrealistic expectations from this method of regrowing hair, it’s best that you first consult with your operating doctor and then get it done.

Pre-Op Care:

Not a lot is required to do before getting a hair implant but the following are some things to keep in mind if you are thinking about getting a follicle transplant:

  • Try to avoid alcohol and smoking a week before the appointment. It can cause the wound to not heal properly and can lead to infections
  • Try not to use any harsh chemicals on your scalp and try not to shave it yourself. You should let your doctor do whatever is needed.
  • Lastly, you should stop using any medication that can cause bleeding or swelling during the process. This also includes aspirin and blood thinners.

Some of Our Best Results Here:

Best Hair Transplant clinic in Islamabad Rawalpindi Best Hair Transplant clinic in Islamabad Rawalpindi Pakistan Best Hair Transplant clinic in Islamabad Pakistan

hair transplant Islamabad Before and After hair transplant Islamabad Before and After hair transplant Islamabad Before and After

hair transplant in Islamabad Before and After

How Much Time Does It Require?

The time and effort put into this non-invasive depend on how many grafts need to be prepared and implanted. Most of the time only a small patch needs to be covered and it will take around 1 or 2 hours. However, if you are looking to get your full head transplanted, then it will take around 6 to 7 hours.

Are There Any Secondary Effects of Getting Hair Implants?

Rest assured that this is the safest and most reliable procedure to get your hair back. It involves little to no side effects and only has some mild symptoms during the healing time.

  •  Following are some symptoms you will face after you are done with your session:
  •  Mild bleeding in the treated area
  •  Swelling and redness caused due to the punctures
  •  A slight feeling of irritation

If you feel like the irritation is not going away, you should seek medical help immediately and book an appointment with your doctor before your transplants get infected.

Post-Op Care:

After leaving the clinic with your brand-new follicles, you need to be very careful otherwise the scabs will fall out before they heal, making the efforts of the procedure useless. Other instructions to follow include:

· Regularly take your medication and scalp balms to speed up the healing process

· Avoid using bleach or hair dyes on your scalp

· Wear loose clothing and deep-neck shirts. It is better to wear button-up shirts.

· Try to limit your interaction to the scalp

· Do not scratch your scalp no matter how itchy it feels

· If you are looking for further enhancements in your looks, you can always get an appointment for a PRP in Islamabad.

· Try not to put pressure on the treated area, such as by wearing caps or sleeping on that side.

Is This an Expensive Procedure?

Getting this treatment in Pakistan is not that expensive as compared to getting treated anywhere else. Most people have this misconception that this hair regrowth method is going to cost them a fortune and prefer to keep using oils and balms. But unfortunately, they do not do much work and cannot be deemed reliable.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Hair Transplant:

The cost of hair transplant in Islamabad can cost you around PKR 100,000 and go up to PKR 500,000. Following are some things that can either increase or decrease the amount of money that goes into getting this procedure:

· The clinic’s popularity; a reputable clinic will make you spend more money.

· Number of grafts; the number of grafts you get also impacts the cost

· The number of treated areas; a full head transplant will cost you more money as it will require the maximum number of grafts.

· The operating doctor’s fee; an experienced doctor will charge you more money.

· Supporting expenses; this includes numbing agent charges and the fee for any extra assistants

Billing Chart:

For further details regarding how much it will cost you to get this procedure, you can follow the given price chart. This price chart discusses all the details and different packages that SKN Cosmetics offers its clients.

No. of Grafts Minimum Price Maximum Price No. of Hairs
2000 70,000 PKR 130,000 PKR Approx. 60000 Hairs
2500 90,000 PKR 150,000 PKR Approx. 7500 Hairs
3000 100,000 PKR 170,000 PKR Approx. 9000 Hairs
4000 120,000 PKR 200,000 PKR Approx. 12,000 Hairs
5000 150,000 PKR 250,000 PKR Approx. 15,000 Hairs

Insurance Coverage:

It should be noted that in the case of chronic illnesses such as cancer or alopecia, this procedure will be covered by your insurance company. It cannot be deemed a cosmetic procedure since the hair loss was not due to genetics or old age, which makes it come under healthcare insurance coverage.

However, if you are only getting this treatment solely based on the fact that you want to enhance your looks then you will have to pay for it from your pocket as insurance will not cover it.

How Long do The Results Last?

The aftermath of this procedure produces long-lasting results. This means that you will only have to get this treatment once in your lifetime and it will last a long time. Unless you get older and your body starts shedding the hair again, there is little to no need for getting touchups. Unfortunately, the aging process cannot be stopped. So, it can be said that this procedure will make your new hair last for about 15 years.

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