Sweaty Armpits in Islamabad


Everyone loves summers and the breezy summer dresses that you get to wear! Summers are a time to celebrate life and nature and eat all the ice cream you can have. But all this summer fun also has a drawback: sweat. Even though everyone looks forward to wearing floral patterns and cute summer dresses, no one likes dealing with sweaty underarms and the odor that accompanies them. Most women tend to invest about 30% of their monthly income on expensive deodorants and perfumes.

Unfortunately, these are only temporary solutions and cannot stop the sweat on extremely humid and hot days. If you too are wondering about How To Handle Sweaty Armpits in Islamabad, Pakistan then you have come to the right place. This blog will help you understand this situation even better so you can tackle it in whatever best way suits you!

What Causes Sweaty Armpits?

Perspiration is a natural system of the body to remove toxins and maintain the body’s temperature. It also works as a cooling mechanism to help the body feel cooler in extremely hot temperatures. However, underarm perspiration can cause a lot of hygiene and social problems. It’s normal to sweat a little here and there but if you are sweating excess amounts, then you might have a problem.

1)    Hyperhidrosis:

It is a condition where the body produces more than the average amount of sweat in a person. This excessive perspiration can lead to body odor and it can be very tricky to get rid of no matter what you try. About 1 out of every 3 people in Pakistan suffer from this problem but unfortunately, they are either too poor or too unbothered to take care of it. There are two types of hyperhidrosis; primary and secondary.


This is caused due to your genetics and symptoms start showing themselves around the age of 10. Other than your genes, there is no other cause for you sweating this much.


This type is caused as an aftereffect of treatment, chronic illness, or due to taking certain prescription medicines.

2)    Working out:

Another reason why your body is creating extra amounts of sweat is due to you working out a lot. Most men and women tend to sweat a lot while they do certain exercises and it can lead to a bad underarm odor.

There are ways to avoid sweating or try to minimize it during your exercising sessions by turning on the air conditioner or taking short breaks in between. Perspiration during a workout helps the body cool down and remain active for longer periods.

3)    Chronic Illnesses:

Certain chronic diseases can cause you to perspire in extra amounts. Cancer and thyroid medication can lead you to produce excessive sweat.

4)    Menopause:

Lastly, menopause can also cause you to produce an uncontrollable amount of perspiration. The hormonal changes in the body can cause you to have hot flashes and can even lead to sweating during your sleep.

Can Sweaty Armpits Be Dealt With at Home?

If your body is producing an extra amount of sweat in your underarm region, there isn’t much you can do to make it stop. However, you can restrict its production or at least try to minimize its after-effects. These remedies include:

  • Getting rid of your underarm hair
  • Using dry deodorants
  • Wait for 10 minutes after showering to dress up
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Avoid drinking too much coffee
  • Using powder to reduce perspiration

How is Hyperhidrosis Identified:

The diagnosis for this condition is made after conducting a few tests. Your doctor will ask about your family’s medical history along with yours to determine if you have any underlining conditions that are causing the perspiration problems.

●      Blood Tests:

Doctor Naveed will conduct some blood tests and take several samples of your blood to see if there are traces of illness in the blood.

●      Urine Tests:

He will also ask for samples of your urine to check if your body has any other conditions causing the sweating such as low blood sugar and thyroid problems

●      Perspiration tests:

Lastly, an iodine and starch test will be conducted in the underarm region to determine how severe is the perspiration problem.

If the test results come back positive, then Dr. Naveed will prescribe you several solutions that you can pick depending on how severe is the issue and what is your budget.

What to do About Sweaty Armpits in Islamabad, Pakistan?

If the doctor diagnosed you with hyperhidrosis and you are wondering about How To Handle Sweaty Armpits in Islamabad, Pakistan? Then you should know that Royal Cosmetics Surgery Clinic offers a variety of solutions to your perspiration situation. Our team of skilled personal will offer you oral, topical, invasive, and non-invasive options and you can pick whatever suits you best. These treatments are only carried out if no underlining cause of the perspiration is determined.

1)    Oral Medication:

Following are some prescription medicines that can be taken to help reduce sweating:


There are several pills and oral prescription drugs that act as nerve blockers and can cause the restricted production of chemicals and hormones in the underarm region. This reduces sweating and there is only a 5% chance you might face any side effects.

Prescription Drugs for Depression:

Antidepressants can also help reduce the production of excessive sweating in your armpits. These pills also help with anxiety, which is one of the many causes of secondary hyperhidrosis.

2)    Topical Medication:

If oral medication is not your cup of tea or is not suitable for you, you can always opt for topical medication. Following are some prescription topical medicines that you can take to reduce sweating:

Prescribed Deodorant:

Your doctor might offer you the option of getting prescribed antiperspirants and deodorants that contain chemicals such as aluminum chloride. The best time to apply is to do it before you sleep, and wash it away in the morning. You should be careful not to get any of the product in your eyes as it can cause burning and irritation.

Prescribed Creams:

Although this option is not recommended for underarm sweat problems, you can still ask the doctor to prescribe a cream to you that has glycopyrrolate. This helps reduce excessive perspiration.

3)    Non-invasive Treatments:

Royal Cosmetics Clinic in Islamabad also offers its clients noninvasive treatments including injections and various forms of energy therapies. These treatments are as follows:


Botox injections can also help reduce sweating. They act as nerve blockers and are a temporary solution. The treatment starts with the doctor numbing the armpit region. This area will then have several botox injections administrated. The effects of this treatment are long-lasting.

Infrared Therapy:

This treatment involves the usage of microwaves to damage the sweat-producing glands under your arm. This treatment requires two sessions and due to its expensive nature, it is not widely available.

Laser Therapy:

This treatment involves using a laser beam to zap the hair follicles and sweat-producing nerves under the arm. This results in little to no production of sweat in that region.

4)    Invasive Treatments

Lastly, if nothing else works out for you and you have little patience and need instant results, you can always opt for surgical procedures. Currently, two surgeries offer you a permanent result for your hyperhidrosis problem. You should keep in mind that these surgeries are non-reversible and only require one session.

Gland Removal:

This is the most effective and long-lasting solution to getting rid of your armpit sweat. Removing your sweat glands can give you sweat-free armpits for a lifetime. The surgery involves making an incision near the underarm and carefully removing the glands. The operation site is then stitched and bandaged. The surgery does not require a night stay and you can go home the same day.


Lastly, this surgery involves destroying the nerves in the armpits that help in the production of perspiration. This procedure is performed by making incisions in the underarm region and damaging the nerves. The nerves are not removed or extracted, only burned or clamped to stop them from triggering the body’s sweat response

What Are The Side Effects Involved?

There are little to no side effects involved in any of these treatment methods. 1 out of every 10 people might experience a longer recovery time but other than that, they are all safety procedures. However, possible after-effects of treatment include

  • Mouth dryness, bladder issues, rashes, and blurry eyesight for oral medication and topical medication
  • Non-invasive treatments might yield weakness in the body, discomfort, and muscle aches. You might also lose sensation in your skin for a few hours.
  • Lastly, surgery can lead to mild swelling and sore muscles for a few days. If the wound is strained, it might even bleed.

How Frequently do You Need To Get Treated for Sweaty Armpits?

Depending on which treatment option you pick, it can take from 1 session to several sessions each year. If you pick surgery, it will only require one session. However, non-invasive and other options require regular maintenance. Noninvasive treatments require quarterly maintenance while medication needs to be taken daily to be effective.

How Long Do the Results Last?

This also depends on which treatment option you pick. Results can last from three months to almost your entire lifetime depending on how you get treated. If you pick the minimally invasive treatments, the results will be temporary. The same goes for medication. But surgery will yield permanent results.

Sweaty Armpits before afterSweaty Armpits cost in IslamabadResults of Sweaty Armpits

What’s the Cost of Handling Sweaty Armpits in Islamabad?

You don’t need to pick the most expensive option to get yourself treated with. But you should still keep in mind that it will cost a hefty amount of money or it can be pocket-friendly depending on which option you pick.

Be Sweat Free!

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