FUSS Hair Transplant in Islamabad

Losing your hair can seriously impact your self-esteem and your confidence. It’s not necessary that you only go bald because you started getting old; there are several key factors at play that can cause a person to go bald. Sometimes it’s a medical condition, and sometimes it’s just your genes that can cause your hair to thin out and, in some cases, fall out entirely. Balding is common in both men and women, but in women, it’s not that prominent, while men tend to take drastic measures to ensure their hair stays on their heads. But if everything else fails, you can always get a transplant.

Recovering Lost Hair:

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do once your hair has shed itself; there are few chances of getting that hair back naturally. That’s where medical treatments, such as transplants, come in. Getting a transplant can instantly fix your balding problem and have you looking your best in just under a month. There are numerous types of transplants available on the market; FUSS Hair Transplant is one of them. But what is this treatment about?

FUSS Hair Transplant:

All transplants involve extracting healthy follicles from the harvesting or donor sites and then placing or inserting them in the receiver or transplant site. So what makes this method of transplanting hair different from the rest?

Unlike getting an FUE, this method involves removing an entire strip of follicles from the harvesting site and closing the incisions with sutures. The surgeon makes tiny cuts or openings in the receiving area and uses a microscope to separate the harvested follicles into small grafts. These grafts are then inserted into the desired places.

This method is more effective as it takes less time compared to getting an FUE and does not require the surgeon to be highly skilled. Any skilled person with good transplant experience can efficiently perform this procedure.

The Ideal Candidate:

Be it men or women, anyone can get this treatment done to regain lost confidence and hair. There are only a few requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to have a successful transplant. These requirements are :

  • The client must have no blood diseases.
  • They must be a healthy patient with a good diet and no smoking habits.
  • The candidate must have the ideal harvesting site. If the harvesting site does not have the same hair characteristics as the transplant site, then the doctor will perform some more tests to determine the perfect donor site. In the case that no donor site has the suitable characteristics, then it will be very challenging to perform the transplant.

Healing Period:

The healing period of this treatment depends on how fast a person’s immune system is. Typically it takes around two weeks for the transplanted scabs to fall out and for the new hair to grow to replace it. After the new hair starts sprouting, it takes about two months for the hair to grow out fully.

After Care:

It is critical to take great care of your new hair after it grows out. Your doctor will prescribe medicines that you need to take regularly to ensure that your hair remains healthy and does not fall out again.

The Treatment Budget:

Getting this treatment is an instant way to get a luscious set of beautiful locks. Even though it only requires one session, you must keep in mind that the procedure budget will involve several other factors along with the treatment itself. These factors determine the final amount of money required to get this cosmetic procedure done. Nonetheless, it would cost you around PKR 70,000 to PKR 200,000.

Factors That Determine The Cost:

Following are some factors that play a massive part in determining the cost of getting this treatment:

  • The location of the clinic
  • The Operating surgeon’s experience
  • The amount of hair that needs to be transplanted
  • The amount of time that will be required to perform this operation
  • Costs of the numbing agent, the assistant’s fee, and the cost of any other surgical equipment or tests that are necessary for the operation, etc.

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