We always try to provide the highest level of service to our patients and we always take the privacy of patients seriously. Your rights are important to us and all staff members at this clinic ensure you get what you deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of complaints and to get more details.

Your Rights as a Patient

As a patient of this clinic, you enjoy certain rights and privileges and our staff members always try to extend extraordinary care. We provide all the rules to you in writing before admitting a patient.

The Right of Written Statement

We ask patients or their guardians to make a written statement about the choice of health service. If you are not specific, we have the right to choose it for you.

To Accept or Decline the Treatment Procedure

When we recommend a treatment, it is your choice to accept or reject it. Moreover, any medication can be rejected by you if you are not comfortable with it. Please note we will guide you about the side effects of a procedure or drug.

The Right of Privacy and Confidentiality

All information shared by a patient during the consultation, examinations, and treatments will be kept confidential at all costs. We allow patients to keep at least one person with them during the treatment.

To Be Treated With Respect

Our top priority is to dignify patients no matter what kind of service they need. We have trained all staff members in such a way that ensures the safety and respect of patients at all levels. We go on to individualize our service based on your ethnicity, gender, and cultural values.

Right to know about the Doctor’s Qualification

We honestly share qualifications and experience of doctors, physicians, and clinicians. It is our responsibility to provide all details we possibly can.

Right to Free From Restraints

We do not put unnecessary limits on our patients and the people who accompany them.

Right to Get the Emergency Treatment Immediately

When a person has an urgent need for a checkup, we attend that person immediately.

Right to Avail Qualitative Healthcare

Our healthcare operations are based on best practices and you are going to get the best service here.

Right to Communicate

Please feel free to choose the way of communication that seems right to you. In case a person does not speak English, we can arrange an interpreter.

To Receive Pre-Op Consultation

If you are interested in a procedure, you will have a consultation session with the doctor so that you could learn it better.

Right to Receive Services without Discrimination

All patients are equal to us and we treat everyone equally.

Right to Have Appropriate Pain Management

Some procedures can cause pain and we have proper arrangement for pain management. We try to deliver the desired results and we can perform more sessions if you do not get the required results.

Right to Access Medical Records

We maintain patient records and the patient or the legal adviser of the patient can access all records available with us.

Right to Know About the Discharge Plans

Admitting to the clinic and to have discharged is the patient’s choice. However, we will guide about the risks of not getting admitted or discharged from the clinic.

Right to Know the Charges for Your Procedure

It is our responsibility to guide the patient about costs that can be anticipated. However, additional costs may need to be incurred at a later stage.

Avoid Smoking in the Clinic’s Premises

We do not harm anyone on this clinic’s premises. That is why we restrict people to smoke here.

Observe Visiting Hours

The visiting hours for different departments are different. If someone needs to visit you, please ask them to visit during the time we allow people to see you.

Act upon Your Financial Responsibility

We will inform about the amount of payment you have to make and you are required to fulfill your financial responsibility.

To Be Cooperative with the Management

To ensure ultimate care for our patients, we request all patients and visitors to follow rules. Not following rules can cause disturbance or damage to other patients.

To Avoid Taking Any Unauthorized Drugs

It is advised to use only prescribed drugs and avoid using unauthorized drugs.

Contact for Further Information and Guidance

We have tried to provide important information on this page. Please note our contact details and contact us anytime to know more.

Email: info@wordpress-594800-2169336.cloudwaysapps.com

Contact number: +92 332 5488777