Weight Loss treatments in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Excess weight can lead to some very serious health conditions so you must receive a treatment for it. Well, diet and exercise alone may not be able to help you bring the body in the right shape so can choose our Weight Loss treatments in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan to meet your goals.

Usually, people with a BMI of 35 or above are considered Obese. Obesity can happen to anyone but it is worth noting that genes play a major role in its development. The problem generally results from complex interactions between different genes. Additionally, obesity can also occur due to some life style choices including diet, intake of certain medications, health concerns, or no physical activities. Lose your weight with safe and effective weight loss techniques. These treatments are suited for both men and women.

Weight Loss Procedures:

Various non-surgical and surgical slimming treatments in Islamabad have made weight loss easily accessible.

Bariatric Surgery:

A promising option for people who want long-term weight loss. Bariatric surgery is intended to modify the structure of the stomach to assist people to get rid of excess weight. Common bariatric surgeries are gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and duodenal switch. These weight loss treatments are usually recommended for people who have serious weight-related issues. The goal is to limit the patient’s appetite. While bariatric surgery is the most effective option but you should know that it costs a lot and possess various serious health risks.

Endoscopic Weight Loss:

Obese adults can undergo endoscopic weight loss procedures if they don’t want to get highly invasive surgeries for weight loss. Typically, people with a BMI of 30 – 40 receive wonderful results from this type of treatment. Four common Endoscopic weight loss procedures are:

  1. Gastric Balloon
  2. Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve
  3. AspireAssist
  4. Endoscopic Gastric Bypass Revision

In these treatments, a thin tube with a camera is inserted into the abdomen to allow the doctor to view internal organs on the monitor and then operate. The tube is usually inserted through a small incision in the problem zone so risk of scars and infection has significantly reduced.


Results vary by type of treatment and by person. In general, bariatric surgeries provide people with successful, long term weight loss, but maintaining weight is a necessary condition. On the contrary, patients get temporary results with non-surgical treatments.

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You can use these tips before Weight loss treatment to achieve the most amazing outcomes

  1. Replace high-carb foods with health low-carb foods
  2. Avoid smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages one month before the treatment
  3. Build and begin your workout routine
  4. Cut lots of your calories approximately one week before the treatment

Who is it for?

Some people find it really difficult to lose excess weight through exercise and diet. Such people can utilize our weight loss treatments to get and maintain a physique that represents a healthy lifestyle.

You can opt for Weight Loss treatments in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan if,

  • You have Body mass index greater than 35, accompanied by serious weight-related concerns such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • Your lifestyle changes have failed in reducing your body weight
  • You are looking for an amazingly safe treatment to bring your body in shape


The road back to normal life is different for every patient. You should meet your doctor twice a week to let him examine your results and healing. Recover from weight loss surgery may be a lengthy process. Some patients recover within a month while others take 2-3 months to fully recover. On the other hand, if you have had non-surgical weight loss treatment, one week is enough to fully recover.

Is it Effective?

As judged by the overall experience, Weight loss treatments are incredibly effective. Surgical procedures are a lot more worthwhile and safe than non-surgical treatments. They provide long-term weight loss to sufferers without any complication.

Wrapping up:

Obtain the beautiful curves you have always dreamt of. Studies suggest that obesity affects more than 1 in 3 individuals. If you are also fighting against it, then instead of losing your mind, lose your weight. Weight gain can be controlled with healthy eating plans and regular exercise but it may not produce long-term weight loss. So, if these changes are not enough to provide you with the desired results, you can consider weight-loss procedures. Achieve dramatic upshots with these treatments.

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