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Cosmetic surgery Islamabad

Check out how SKN Cosmetics in Islamabad can change your life through plastic surgery. We use advanced techniques and give you customized care to help you meet your beauty goals. We keep our patients' safety as our priority. We guarantee, our patients will enjoy their treatment, see measurable improvements, and find long-term peace. We tailor each treatment plan to your unique requirements, ensuring attention and accuracy. We prioritize patient safety and quality, using advanced technology and strict protocols for patient wellbeing. Our meticulous method ensures beautiful, natural-looking outcomes. Schedule a consultation at SKN Cosmetics to experience a more beautiful, self-assured you.

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Cosmetic Surgery

  • Unleash your beauty with cosmetic surgery! Achieve the look you've desired with our expert, personalized procedures. Enhancing features to sculpting your body, our effective surgeries provide life-changing results. Transform your confidence—schedule a consultation today!

Cosmetic Injectables

  • Transform your appearance with cosmetic injectables! Reduce lines, improve your features, and instantly look younger. Our methods are safe, do not involve surgery, and produce beautiful effects with little recovery time. Look and feel your best—book your session today

Laser Treatments

  • Experience the power of precision with laser treatment! Get perfect skin with little downtime. Achieve flawless skin with minimal downtime. Fast, effective, and non-invasive procedure to solve your unique skin concern. Get radiant beauty and confidence. Book your session today!

Hair Transplant

  • You can grow your hair back naturally and permanently with a hair transplant. This process has few risks. It involves moving hair resistant to DHT from the back of the head to the area where hair is thin, or baldness occurs for any reason.

Breast Clinic

  • Small breasts? Uneven breasts? Overly large breasts? SKN cosmetic --- one-stop solution for all your needs. We are proud to offer a full range of breast procedures for women. Our cosmetic surgeons do everything possible to help you get beautiful breasts.


  • Laugh out loud this New Year by showing off your pearly white teeth with our dental treatments. From pediatric dentistry to specialty care like braces and dental implants, we offer an array of dental services to care for your overall oral health.

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Shahid Munir welcomes you to SKN Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery, Islamabad’s premier center. Our dedicated team ensures personalized care to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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Dr. Mariam Malik
Dr. Ayusha Khan
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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance patients' natural beauty through advanced aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. We provide personalized, high-quality care that promotes self-confidence and well-being. We use the latest technologies in a safe, supportive environment.

Our Vision

We aim to be the top aesthetic and cosmetic clinic, providing innovative treatments and exceptional patient care to help individuals achieve their beauty potential and setting new industry standards for quality, care, and results.

Our Value

High standards in all treatments and services. Innovation: Embracing the latest advancements in aesthetic and cosmetic technology. Empathy: Addressing unique patient needs and concerns to deliver them best. Expertise: Leveraging extensive knowledge of top-tier service


What We Do Here

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or Mammoplasty, often known as a "boob job," is a procedure that includes enhancing the breasts with breast implants or fat transfer. Breast implants or fat transfer are used to augment the size of your breasts


Liposuction is a procedure that eliminates fat from any area of the body (arms, abdomens, hips, thighs, ankles, and under the chin) that is resistant to diet and exercise. The liposuction procedure has become more popular as aesthetic criteria have risen.


Rhinoplasty is among the most challenging procedures in anesthesiology’s face and neck surgery. It adjusts the size, shape, and inclination of your nose to make it more in proportion to the rest of your face.

Tummy Tuck

Regrow your hair naturally and permanently with hair transplant. This is minimally invasive procedure that involves transplanting DHT-resistant hair from the back of the scalp to the balding areas.

Why Choose Us

As with any plastic surgery

Because a large number of plastic surgeons opt to concentrate their practice on cosmetic surgery, the words are frequently interchanged. However, this is incorrect from a technical standpoint. Cosmetic surgery in Islamabad and plastic surgery in Islamabad are highly associated but not identical specialties.

Plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons is performed to alter your look. It may entail reshaping the body's contour and form, smoothing wrinkles, or removing balding patches for some.

1) Surgery may enhance a person's look and provide benefits on a base level.
2) The perspective of the individual undergoing surgery might enhance confidence.
3) Surgery can make a person feel greater appreciated by many and, to a certain extent, fewer inadequate.
1) Surgery may make one feel insecure since they will constantly believe that people prefer a "false image" of themselves.
2) Surgery is simply concerned with appearances and has no bearing on a person's underlying mental well-being.
3) Surgical consequences whenever it comes to surgery, there is still the possibility of complications.

Cosmetic/Plastic surgery costs differ from one surgeon to another, as well as from one particular region to another. It also depends on how often different procedures are combined, and only a surgeon can estimate exactly how much that will cost.

Invasive: This might involve implants or even less invasive treatments for aesthetic operations in which tiny cuts are made on the targeted body area. It is, consume less time and have quick recovery chances.Face lifts, fat reductions, breast augmentation, brow lifts, and body lifts are some of the procedures available. Non-Invasive Invasive surgery is being used less frequently, and far more patients are opting for non-invasive procedures. Botox, dermal fillers, spider vein therapy, and chemical peels are all examples of this. Patients gain from less downtime, fewer scars, cheaper costs, or a lower incidence of problems as a consequence.

Hair transplant lasts forever because it’s a normal hair growing procedure, once your hair started to grow they will continue for long. However, if your surgery is performed by a professional practitioner you won’t be needing another session to maintain your transplanted hair.

Affiliations of Doctors

“Our doctors at SKN Cosmetics, share affiliations with these internationally recognized institutions. We have the staff of world’s leading surgerons for Liposuction, Dentistry, Laser treatment , Breast Augmentation & Hair Transplant in Islamabad ”
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