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dental crowns in Islamabad Rawalpindi Pakistan

Genetically, our teeth are the first thing to be noticed by other people. When we talk, when we smile and even when we yawn. But what if they got damaged, cracked or weakened from decay? As human nature we get upset and depressed so that’s how we don’t want to talk, we don’t smile to look ugly or even we can’t eat anything due to its weakness. In medical science, every technique is introduced for solving the issue. The effective process is called Dental Crowns in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Pakistan. Our specialist uses a cap for cover-up destructed or defected teeth. The cap is made according to the client’s other teeth colour. It upgrades surfacing, reshaping and in form of order.

 What is Crowning?

A process of restoration of a tooth through a cap and made in special dental labs. This technique is effective for forming and functioning as well as preventing from big cavities. Several materials are used to fabricate the right cap for the client’s requirement. The specialist always checkup the exact colour and shade of the patient’s teeth for a real and natural match. Mostly, it is made up of porcelain. Sometimes, it made up of metal-alloys, acrylic or gold etc.

 Indications for Crowning:

it is useful for the candidate when the filling is not solving the issue. For many reasons that lead to crowning:

  • The protection of weak tooth
  • It restores the broken shape
  • If there’s a big filling required
  • For holding a bridge
  • The area which needs a Root Canal

 If a person wants to enhance the smile that also needs this treatment or if someone needs to improve the disordered shapes etc.


There are several benefits of it throughout a lifetime. Most people lose their self-confidence and talking activity just because of their disorder teeth position, some people can’t eat etc. Some benefits are as following:

  • Improve smile by aligning teeth.
  • It is a simple treatment.
  • The destructed tooth is restored in it.
  • Improves eating and chewing.
  • Add flexibility.
  • A versatile cosmetic treatment.
  • No pain and no downtime.


The Outcomes of Dental Crowns in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Pakistan would be perfect and for long period. It always depends upon how the client took care of his/her health after the treatment. Mostly the long-lasting results are 6 to 16 years and some of them stay longer than that. It may get loose or fall due to serious reason then a person should go for checkup. It doesn’t need any specific care but remembers that keep the gums and teeth healthy with brushing twice in a day. Use fluoride toothpaste. Do regular checkups and professional cleaning. The person will get desire result when they keep these instructions in mind for maintaining it.


It is the main point to get mentally prepare for the treatment. Firstly, the specialist will examine and suggest material type. There are many factors which are key points to consider when choosing a crowning method, it includes:

  • Average cost
  • Strength
  • Durability

Preparing area for a cap fixing usually needs 2 sessions to the specialist before the treatment. The first session includes looking into and testing, preparing it, x-rays, place temporary cap etc. the second session includes the placing of the final cap.


According to SKN cosmetic clinic, Dental Crown in Islamabad procedure performed in some steps including first and second session:

  • The specialist will take the X-ray for examining the position.
  • Some Local anaesthesia is given for numbness.
  • Then they reshaped the targeted tooth for new crown/cap.
  • The 3-Shape scanner model of teeth will be used to produce the permanent crown.
  • The colour and shade will be chosen from neighbouring teeth.
  • After that, the temporary cap will be fixed for protection until the permanent is getting ready.
  • The permanent cap will custom made with the use of special dental cement by an expert specialist.
  • Then they fix the crown at the treated area. Once the permanent is placed, we make sure it will fit perfectly in a bite.
  • A light polishing can be done if any client needs it.

Now a person can eat, chew and smile as normal again. This procedure can be performed in one day as well but mostly done in multiple days according to the step by step fixing and healing period.


After the treatment, there’s no specific care required for this treatment. But do perform the regular schedule oral hygiene practising which is: brushing for 2 minutes twice per day, rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash in a day. Maybe a client observes a little pain but the specialist will suggest some medication for healing as well. Once the cap is fixed, that doesn’t mean it’s safe from gums diseases and decay. A person should avoid eating ice, biting finger-nails and opening packing.


The charges factors always rely upon the nature of problem, technique and materials. Sometimes, it includes other treatments as well which performed before or after the crowning. E.g. cleaning the teeth, reshaping and root canal. Some other factors are:

  • The type of crowning
  • Material usage
  • Dentist’s experience & expertise
  • The area size
  • Location of the clinic

 If someone needs more details related to cost queries, do consult us for further details.


The Smile is the main and important feature of the face, modify it and effective whether you are experiencing any problem related to teeth. Feel free to consult SKN Dental clinic for Dental Crowns in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Pakistan. We are looking forward to you!

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