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Hair Wigs For Men in Islamabad and RawalpindiHair is a key feature that can instantly add to your look to make you look more beautiful. For the same reason people spend thousands on the hairstyle, not just hair style but hairs too. Hair wig is always an alternative for an instant makeover; they are so in trend now that not only women but men too are wearing wigs. Whether you are wearing hair wig because of your short hair or be it some other reason, making the right decision to choosing which one is best for you is very important.

Different types of Hair Wigs.

Wigs are not just made from one material; they range from natural hair to fiber based material. Depending upon which type of material is used. Hair Wigs in Islamabad & Rawalpindi can be classified into following types:

Human hair wig Islamabad: As the name suggests, this type of hair wig in Islamabad is made from human hair, since these wigs are made out of human hair this makes them easy to style in the same way, you do with your natural hair. These Wigs For Men and Women give a more natural look than any other type of wig. The reason behind this look is that these are made from real human hairs. Instead of using someone else’s hair to make your wig, these types of wig provide you an opportunity to use your own hair for wig. With great power comes great responsibility, we all have heard this phrase before, same is the case with these wigs. They do give you natural look but they require high maintenance as well, with maintenance comes high price. These wigs are expensive. It is also difficult to find the exact shade that will match your hair color. Since these are made from natural hair, these wigs are not weather resistant, so a lot of exposure to sun would fade the color of the wig.

Synthetic hair wig Islamabad: These wigs are made up of special type of fiber that replicates the look and feel of human hair but are not real hair. These are pre styled wigs, which allows you to choose from a variety of different hair styles, not just hair style but hair color as well. Since there is a larger selection of hair colors, it makes it easy to match the exact hair shade with your hair color. They are less expensive as compared to human hair wig. These Hair Wigs For Men Islamabad & Rawalpindi also require low maintenance and are weather resistant too. Since these are made out of fibrous material, they cannot be styled at home unless you have heat friendly hair wig. Another con is that they have unnatural shine, so they might not give the desired natural look similar to human Hair Wigs in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

Hair Wigs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi Hair Wigs in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Types of lace wigs Islamabad:

Once you have decided, which hair wig you are going for, the next step is to choose the style, that is, how you want wig to be placed. Depending upon how you want the wig to be attached to your head, wigs are further classified in to following types.

Full lace: As the name suggests, full lace Hair Wigs For Men Islamabad & Rawalpindi refers to the types of wigs in which hairs are tied on lace caps that can be attached to head using adhesive tips, or lace self-adhesive can be used.  It covers whole head.

Front lace: In this type of wigs, the lace is present only in the front part; the other part is thick cap. Clips are attached to cap that makes them easily attachable to the head.

Hair Wigs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi Information

What are different types of weft?

Another major classification in Hair Wigs in Islamabad & Rawalpindi is the type of weft and technique used to sew the hairs together. Following are the types

Machine weft:  The hair strands are tied together on a hair sewing machine. These can be further classified in to two types.

Single weft: These types of weft are sewn together by sewing one layer of hair. They are much easy to use and also give a natural look, the reason behind this is use of thread instead of glue. But they don’t give desired thickness. And the weft line is also longer.

Double weft: These types of wefts are done when thickness of hair is desired. It is further divided into two types:

Sewn Together:  Two single wefts are sewn together. Larger number of hair strands is sewn in one set.  Weft line is also shorter. But the con of these wefts is that they do not give a natural look because seam is thicker.

Overlapping: In this type of weft the seam is thinner because one single weft is sewn under another single weft.

Hand tied: Instead of using a sewing machine, the hair strands are sewn together manually. Since this involves intense labor work so these hand tied wigs are expensive.

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