Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Islamabad

The surgical approach is progressively enhancing thick, wide, and dark-colored wounds. Acute burn and reconstructive burn surgery are the two most common surgeries that are performed worldwide to cure the burned wounds. Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi is giving consideration to those sufferers whose underlying burn injuries have healed. Thus a medical procedure is carried out to improve their appearance and function. It is however frequently done by changing, adjusting, and modifying the scar tissues. It is however done by changing, adjusting, and modifying the scar tissues.

Results and Benefits:


  • Provides capacity to empower development
  • Makes burn wounds to appear less noticeable
  • Improves functionality and appearance of scar tissues
  • Involves both the operative and non-operative techniques


The treatment delivers final results after a few months of Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Islamabad. Enhanced appearance and functionality of scar tissues are being accomplished. SKN Clinic is pleasing their patients by successfully improving the wounds up to their level of satisfaction.

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Who Is Candidate?

You can be selected for an ideal candidacy of Burn Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi if:

  • You have positive expectations
  • You are physically healthy and fit
  • You have contractures from scarring
  • Your wounds cause you emotional stress
  • You are going with negative long-term effects
  • You are unpleased with revolting looking scars
  • You are constrained to the ordinary movement of some body parts

Aim of Treatment:

All those individuals who experience burn injuries that change appearance over time must undergo reconstructive treatment. The treatment performed by a plastic surgery specialist which is normally carried out acute or initial surgical procedure aims to correct such scars and in addition, their working. Burn scarring can influence the scalp, ears, eyelids, nose, lips, and neck.

Technique We Use:

Debriding – that is the eradication of dead tissues is always favored before any reconstructive medical procedure.   A few techniques are discussed briefly:

Skin grafting:

It is the most common technique in which skin from one region of the body is transferred to another. This transfer of skin can be carried out in two ways:

  • Split-thickness grafts – few skin layers are transplanted
  • Full-thickness grafts – Epidermis is transplanted. Utilizing an exceptionally advanced cutting instrument, extra skin from the buttock/thigh is expelled and is further grafted into scar tissue. This sort of approach is most importantly used for remaking of breasts or nose.


For bringing structural improvements in injured lips, nose, ear or toe, microsurgery is performed. This surgical technique utilizes a magnifying instrument for binding the harmed veins and nerves.

Tissue expansion:

The surgeon starts the procedure by inserting an instrument called as balloon expander (filled with saline solution) under the skin cells. Once inserted, it allows tissues to grow large and stretch gradually. Resulted in ingrown skin is used in reconstructive procedures in order to make corrections.

Z – Plasty:

It is the surgery that improves the adaptability of scar tissues by situating a z-molded incision that prompts the arrangement of two triangle-formed flaps. These flaps are pivoted and sewed to hold in place. It contours scar tissues that bring about skin contracture.


The recovery period of each discussed technique differs. Wearing a comfortable dressing is advised to support the healing process for a few days. Little pain and irritation are normally felt in the area of treatment. But don’t take stress it subsides after 1-2 days of Burn Reconstructive Treatment in Islamabad by applying medications. You can come back to a typical day by day exercises following three to four weeks.

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