Calf Reduction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Many people suffer from excessive fat on their calves and they want to get rid of it to look more attractive. This problem is most popular among the women but there is no need to worry about it, you can get the best Calf Reduction Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan to get off these concerns.

Calf Reduction Surgery adapts to the needs of people by discarding extra fat from calves. Men and women both suffer from this problem but women usually prefer this surgery to get contoured-legs. A lot of techniques are used by the surgeons to get this issue resolved, however, the main focus is to remove bulky fat to enhance the overall appearance. People who experience unwanted fat in their calves can be a good candidate to get this surgery. It’s highly recommended to get this surgery from Board-Certified Surgeons to avoid complications.

Treatment Options:

Different treatment options are available for reducing the calf size permanently. However, the type of treatment is decided by the surgeon according to the patients’ condition. Some common ways to cure this problem:

1.      Removing calf muscle:

This process involves the elimination of calf muscle which arises up when you’re standing on your toes. It’s also known as Muscle reduction surgery.

2.      Liposuction:

Liposuction is the best approach to get off fatty calf but it isn’t helpful for legs that have excessive muscle fat because muscles cannot be liposuctioned.

3.      Neurectomy:

It’s the most widely used approach to reduce the size of muscle by discarding the nerve behind knees. As a result of this muscle will shrink and it will provide more contoured-appearance.

Results & Benefits:

The results acquired from this surgery can be seen once the swelling has gone, it will take at least one month to show results. You will notice slim smart and contoured shaped legs as an outcome of this treatment. These results can be maintained for a long-time by following some calves’ exercises and maintaining a healthy diet. A lot of benefits can be attained from this surgery, some common ones include:

  1. It’s the safest surgery when performed by an expert surgeon.
  2. Patients will have increased confidence and boosted self-esteem
  3. You can wear anything you want, no need to hide calves
  4. The slimmer and contoured appearance of calves
  5. It doesn’t have extreme complications and side effects

Are you a Right Candidate?

If you’re unhappy with your calf shape, you’re the right one to get this treatment. Not only the people who face bulky calves can get this treatment but people who have slim calves can also acquire this surgery to alter the shape according to their desires. Before you go for the treatment make sure that:

  1. You’re 18 years old
  2. You’re overall healthy
  3. You want to improve your calf-appearance
  4. You have extra fat in your legs
  5. You don’t suffer from bleeding issues

Preparing before Treatment:

Before you go for the surgery, it’s advised to prepare well for a smooth process and efficient recovery. Some preparation instructions include:

  1. Make sure that you’re mentally prepared for the surgery
  2. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption at least two weeks before surgery
  3. Stop intake of nicotine
  4. Avoid wearing tight clothes on surgery day
  5. Avoid using body-related cosmetics, leave your calf area natural

Surgery Process:

A lot of surgical techniques are used for calf reduction, depends upon surgeons’ decisions. The process is started by giving general anesthesia for patients’ comfort. After giving anesthesia, an incision is made on the targeted area and a small tube is inserted to suck the fat cells from the legs. Once it’s done, the incisions are closed with dissolvable and un-dissolvable sutures according to the surgeons’ decision.

In other techniques, after giving general anesthesia incisions are made behind the knees to cut off the nerve which causes muscle fat. However, this technique tends to get off the muscle bulkiness without any side effects and complications.

Aftercare & Recovery:

After having a Calf reduction surgery, the patient can feel some mild swelling and discomfort for 2-3 days which is common and will go away within some time. The complete recovery process can take 3-4 weeks, according to the condition of the patient because every person has a different recovery phase. Some common instructions must be followed by every patient to speed up the healing process:

  1. Take all the medications prescribed by the doctor
  2. Follow-up visits must be taken timely
  3. Patients are advised to do stretching exercises for 2-4 months but these exercises should be done after at least 6 weeks of treatment, as long as you feel comfortable. Discuss it with your doctor.
  4. Some compressed support for legs should be wear by the patients for at least 2-3 months to get the desired shape of your legs
  5. Walk as much as you can, it will help to get desired shaped legs for a long period

How much Calf Reduction Surgery cost?

The cost of Calf Reduction Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan varies from clinic to clinic. Every clinic has specific rates but you get this surgery at reasonable rates from SKN Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic. Factors on which cost depends:

  1. Calf situation
  2. Patient health condition
  3. Experience of surgeon
  4. Number of sessions
  5. Location of clinic

Why choose us?

Are you ashamed of your legs? Or you are getting self-conscious about your calves size? No problem. You can overcome these conditions through the safest treatment at our clinic. We provide the best surgeons who are always working for the patients’ comfort and demands. So if you want to make your legs slim smart and contoured or you want to understand the procedure, you can feel free to consult SKN Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic to consider the finest Calf Reduction Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.