Smoker Lips Treatment In Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

There are too many minor or major issues that a single person is experiencing nowadays. We always heard that “smoking is injurious to your health” but didn’t focus on that smoking is injurious to your beauty as well, it is a fact. Smoking is an affecting habit that slowly makes the skin dry, loses moisture from the lips. If your lips get dehydrated and dry, they will be taken off from the natural colour. Whereas, the dark-dry lips creates fine lines badly and make a look ugly. 

Do you ever assume that you could get pink lips naturally for a lifetime without any painful procedure? Yes, of course, there is a possibility to treat such dark and uneven lips. There is a procedure that is performed especially for smokers known as Smoker Lips Treatment In Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. Let’s discuss the details about this treatment, its benefits and effective results. 


According to SKN cosmetics, it is a treatment performed for those who have dark lips colour and dryness full of wrinkles and cracks. It can be handle with several treatment options according to the condition and problem level of the patient. So, if you desire to have pink and clear lips then see a good reputable clinic for the treatment. 

Causes of Smoker Lips:

The major reason for having such uneven lips is being an addicted smoker. Being a smoker makes such lips conditions and some of the reasons for smoking are mentioned below: 

  • Tobacco is present in a single cigarette with a great amount that not only stains on lips but also affects the teeth and gums of a person. 
  • The heat of cigarette affect the skin cells and excess of melanin make the lips dark. 
  • Due to capillary rupture. 
  • When a person inhales the smoking gas, it reduces the oxygen supply and lips become darker. 

So, the lips of that person who have a habit of smoking always have dark-coloured lips. A single cigarette contains nicotine and if a person smokes daily then it will reduce the flow of blood and unusual pigmentation. 

Treatment Options:

At SKN cosmetics, there is a variety of several procedures that are performed for smoker’s lips and bring back the permanent natural lips. It is a very delicate matter that only experienced practitioner can handle through a suitable treatment option according to the candidate’s issue. There are some treatment options mentioned below in a little detail. 

  • Injectable Procedure: For making lips bright and glowing, injections are used. Also, it enhances the volume of your lips to look accurate. After that, you will obtain bright pink colour lips in results and multiple sitting may require accordingly. 
  • Peel Process: A process that gently moisturizes affected lips is a chemical peeling procedure. It will make your affected lips bright and clear with a pink colour naturally. With multiple sessions, a candidate will achieve desired and effective results. 
  • Laser Treatment: Last and most effective procedure that improves lip colour very smoothly is still one of the best treatment options at our clinic. It will be performed as the practitioner will clean the lips first and it will be performed under local anaesthesia. After that, the laser will be moved around the area few times. The laser treatment will break down the amount of melanin deeply and able to make new cells which will produce pink lips in a short time. It may require multiple sessions for obtaining desired results. 

Therefore, all the treatment options for Smoker Lips Treatment In Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan will be performed by our expert dermatologist who will handle such delicate cases very skillfully. The average time of all procedures is 20 to 40 minutes. All procedures have unique outcomes and it is necessary to consult your practitioner who will guide you best and suitable treatment. 

The Outcomes:

After undergoing any procedure will give different outcomes. A candidate will notice perfect lips after the procedure and it is very important to have multiple session of chosen treatment for obtaining lifetime and permanent results. Also, it necessary to select an expert practitioner for your treatment who performed a successful procedure. 

Smoker Lips Treatment before and afterSmoker Lips Treatment cost in IslamabadResults of Smoker Lips Treatment

Ideal Candidates:

It defines clearly the candidacy criteria that a perfect and ideal person for such treatment is only that one who smokes a lot. Usually, chain smokers always desire to have pink lips. Moreover, for knowing the proper candidacy criteria about the treatment, it is the best way to consult your expert directly and properly. It is necessary to fulfil the criteria before undergoing any type of procedure. 


There are many advantages of undergoing these effective treatments, some of the common benefits are mentioned below: 

  • Smooth and bright natural lips. 
  • The skin will be restored. 
  • Affordable treatments. 
  • Long-lasting outcomes. 
  • Improves wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • Effective procedures. 

Preparation & Post-Care Instructions:

According to our dermatologist, we require to examine the patient first and according to the situation, we recommended a suitable treatment. We discussed all the terms, procedural steps in this session because all pre-procedure instructions are different. After that, the practitioner will prescribe few preparing instructions before the procedure. For example, take good care of lips and put cooling gel, do not use cosmetic products at least 4 to 5 days before and keep yourself hydrated. 

The Post-care instructions are necessary to follow after the treatment. All treatments have different aftercare instructions and the practitioner will prescribe this guidance according to the method performed and health-wise. After the procedure, it is common to have redness on the treated area but it is common that will disappear in few days and can handle by the use of recommended gel. Use moisturizer and drink plenty of water to keep lips hydrated. In this session, your practitioner will discuss how many sessions you will require and schedule the date and time. 

The Cost:

The Cost of the Smoker Lips Treatment has different price rates and they can be affected by few factors. These are mentioned below:

  • The dermatologist fee. 
  • Location and reputation of the clinic. 
  • Method preferred. 
  • Session requirement. 

Further, if someone wants to know more about cost-related queries then contact our team, they will guide the helpful information. 

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