Skin Lesion Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

A skin lesion is a small growth on the skin that is normally harmless but annoying. It can occur on eyelids, neck, underarms, and groin folds and may vary from one to many in number. Among all individuals, middle-aged and obsessed people are most commonly prone to it. Skin Lesion Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan safely removes flesh-colored growths (moles, tags, warts, melasma) from the skin and avoids skin irritation and infection.

Results and Benefits:


The results of Skin Lesion Removal Surgery in Islamabad usually become obvious immediately after the treatment. There may be some scarring and bruising in the first couple of days, but that usually subsides in a week or two.


  • Gives clear and smooth skin
  • Makes you look more beautiful
  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Eliminates discomfort associated with them
  • Prevents spreading of the cancerous lesions/tags

Who Is Candidate?

You are a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • You have a lump or sore on the skin
  • You lesion causes discomfort or irritation
  • Your abnormal patch of skin is due to skin cancer
  • You affected area of skin looks different from surrounding skin
  • You expect positive outcomes from Skin Lesion Removal in Islamabad

Aim of Treatment:

The treatment of removing skin lesions from the skin is performed to make you free from skin troubles. It aims to give smooth skin to its sufferers by eradicating lesions, putting end to cancerous outgrowths and reducing pain/irritation associated with these tags. The treatments done at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad also restore lost confidence and self-esteem in the sufferers.

Technique We Use:

Following techniques are commonly used for removing lesions from the surface of the skin:

Shave Excision:

This method is utilized for lesions that transcend the skin. A specialist ordinarily uses a little cutting edge /blade to expel the peripheral layers of the skin till the lesion is expelled completely. More often, the technique doesn’t require any stitches. Medication is applied over the area of treatment injury to keep the wound safe.

Scissor Excision:

This procedure works much like shave excision. But the dermatologist in contrast to shaving utilizes a couple of scissors for eradicating lesions. He firstly grabs the lesion with forceps and then somewhat pulls up, and afterward cuts it. Following the procedure, a curette is used to remove the remaining part of the lesion. This technique also requires no stitches.

Cryotherapy (Freezing):

Liquid nitrogen or argon gas is applied to skin lesions with the help of a cotton swab. This causes ice crystals to break up the cell and tissues for causing blistering and destruction to the lesions.

Laser Treatment:

Lesions that need removal are targeted by laser beams. The high-frequency lasers heat up the cells until they get burst. Two to three sessions are normally required for getting rid of them completely.


Most of the Lesion Removing Treatments in Islamabad is quick and therefore require very little recovery time. During the recovery phase you may come up with any of the following mentioned conditions:

  • Fever or chills
  • Scars that will gradually fade over time
  • Slight pain/discomfort in the area of treatment
  • In rare cases: bleeding, infection or swelling

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