The most sensitive part of the human body that is prone to influence from external stimuli is the skin and it is the only barrier between flesh and external environment. it acts as the outermost layer and saves the body from outside attacks but it is not that hardened in nature. The skin is formed by the layer of tissues and it will change its appearance on even the smallest influence from the external environment. The change of color/texture in the skin is called as pigmentation and it can be caused due to several reasons. Depending upon the type of change and influence, the skin pigmentation is healed by the skin itself but in usual cases, proper treatment is required from the dermatologists/cosmetologist to get even pigmentation of the skin.


In the broad sense, the pigmentation can be classified into two types; 1: Hyper and 2: Hypo. The Hyperpigmentation is the formation of dark Pigmentation patches on different areas of the skin due to external or internal influence whereas the Hypopigmentation can be defined as the formation of light colored patches on the skin surface. These pigmentations are caused due to different factors and they can be treated easily at the Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai.


Both kinds of pigmentations, either Hyper or hypo, can be caused due to several factors. The basic reason for patch formation is excessive production of the melanin that is done in order to heal the wound or irregularities in the skin surface and it can be caused due to;

  • External or internal wound
  • Irregularities of blood vessels
  • Medical conditions
  • Hereditary problem
  • Hormonal change

There can be other reasons for the formation of uneven pigmentation of the skin but usually, these are the major reasons for the problem.

What is Pigmentation Treatment

You can easily treat uneven Pigmentation with home based remedies as well but they take quite a lot of time to cure and may return the harmful side effects as well. There are several medications available in the market that can increase the collagen production and cell regeneration process but it can result in the deadly way if your skin type reacts to the medication. Back in days surgery was also done to treat uneven pigmentation of the skin but nowadays, non-surgical and non-invasive treatment procedures are available that provide the best results without causing any harm in the patient’s body.

You can treat uneven pigmentation of the skin in Islamabad & Rawalpindi easily by using the non-invasive treatments available at Laser Skin Care Clinic in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The pigmentation condition is first examined by the dermatologist/cosmetologist to determine the best available treatment that can be applied to the skin surface. Usually the laser treatment works as all in one procedure for the skin conditions but alternatively, oxygen facial, micro-needling, RF treatment, Ultherapy, and chemical peels treatment can be applied on the patient’s skin to gain the best possible results. Some treatments can be mixed with other treatments as well to gain the best results without causing side effects or harm in the body.


Uneven pigmentation of the body can be easily treated without causing any harmful side effects and if you are looking for pigmentation treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan, contact us by filling out the free consultation form below.

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