body Contouring Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

It is an expansive term that is utilized for enhancing the general state of the body through surgical and non-surgical treatments. Usually, it is also called as ‘body sculpting’ that works by eradicating abundance fat and skin. A number of strategies a specialist will experience rely upon how much area is required to shape. The Body Contouring Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan assumes a critical part in improving the general physical appearance. This cosmetic procedure includes distinctive techniques, for example, arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift, facelift, abdominal area lift, lower body lift, tummy tuck, and many others.

Results and Benefits:


  • Improves stubborn areas of the body
  • Delivers long-lasting cosmetic outcomes
  • Gives a firmer appearance by removing excess skin
  • Involves safe techniques that lower all risks significantly
  • Body Contouring helps to reduce fat deposits


The treatment brings about characteristic-looking results giving a shapelier body.  Skills of cosmetic surgeon and team deliver successful outcomes including, skin tightening, correct body shape, and smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines. These aesthetic results last for long after removing several inches of skin and are maintained by taking prescribed medications.

Body Contouring in IslamabadBody Contouring in Islamabad & RawalpindiBody Contouring in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, Pakistan    

Body Contouring Treatment Cost:

Body contouring is not to be considered cheap. It can cost differently for different parts of the body. For Body contouring, it can cost from 100,000 PKR to  500,000 PKR. A breast lift and upper back surgery could cost different.

Who Is the Candidate?

You can be viewed as an ideal candidate for body forming treatment if:

  • You have true expectations
  • You are in good physical wellbeing
  • You are not a sufferer of any genuine body issue
  • You are not a smoker and don’t take alcoholic drinks
  • You aren’t experiencing skin hypersensitivities that can interrupt the recovery

Aim of Treatment:

This corrective treatment aims to help individuals from two viewpoints; by losing weight and by delivering a slimmer body. Both of these aspects are imperative in getting the much-characterized body shape and are accomplished by removing abundance skin and greasy tissues. The treatment can be completed alone and additionally in combination with some other cosmetic techniques. Body shaping is helping millions of individuals all around the world by enhancing the droopy skin of any part of the body.

Technique We Use:

Diverse techniques are favored at SKN for bringing back the body shape and tone. For achieving the patient’s desires, the cosmetic surgeon carries out surgical and non-surgical techniques when exercise and eating regimen doesn’t work. The treatment takes a couple of hours and is constantly completed under general anesthesia such as Rhinoplasty. The most commonly used procedures are discussed below:

Tummy tuck:

People who need to reshape their stomach region are considered for this body contouring technique. Loose abdominal muscles, overabundance droopy skin, and bulging tummy are treated to give tight, smooth, firm and well-toned tummy skin. Both males and females can go for this technique of Body Contouring in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.


This Liposuction treatment is utilized for reshaping the body parts. The regions including thighs, hips, waist or buttock having more fat stores are fundamentally targeted. It is one of the most secure and successful techniques of contouring that works by making small holes. Liposuction doesn’t play any role in lessening the bodyweight but is involved in reshaping physical appearance by removing stubborn fat pockets.

Buttock enlargement:

Buttock augmentation/enlargement is a cosmetic procedure that is performed in the gluteal area. It reshapes the improperly shaped butt that contributes to updating the walking style and increasing self-confidence. Fat grafting procedures are generally used for augmenting the butt that in turn gives extremely satisfying impacts to identity.

Arm lift:

Ordinarily, it is called as Brachioplasty, a surgery that lifts the arm by enhancing the lower part. This is accomplished by disposing of abundance fat and skin from the underarm. Moreover, it also fixes hanging skin tissues that add more admiring effects to self-perception.

Other techniques:

A thigh lift, back lift, waist lift, facelift, breast lift, and many other non-invasive techniques are also playing a role in body contouring by giving the desired shape and smooth skin. These techniques are intended for upgrading and enhancing the body’s surface. The majority of the sufferers going for these treatments have reported long-lasting outcomes.


Once Body Contouring Treatment is done you can go home on the same day. For better recovery and healing you are encouraged to wear a loose and comfortable dress for a couple of weeks. Every contouring technique has a varying recovery period. It can take multi-months or a half year to completely recover according to the patient’s healing rate, the skill of the specialist used, and the technique utilized.

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