Robotic Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan

Robotic Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan is a highly skilled technique that revives and restores your hair in a matter of a single session. The technique automates the graft extraction process which has an unmatched precision. This makes the entire hair transplantation process quick, easy, and efficient. There is absolutely no chance of graft wastage and cuts down on the surgical time as well. The technique is also done for eyelash, eye-brow, or moustache hair transplant.

Pre-Surgical Care of Robotic Transplant:

Pre-Surgical Care is an important aspect of any surgical procedure. Robotic Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Peshawar is no exception either. Here is a list of dos and don’ts you must consider:

  • Avoid blood-thinning medications at all costs.
  • Stop taking any supplements like vitamin E, iron, or multivitamins at least a week before the treatment.
  • Do not smoke for at least a month ahead of the surgery.
  • Quit alcohol consumption at all costs.

Procedure of Robotic Transplant:

The procedure of robotic hair transplant in Islamabad & Rawalpindi in a minimally invasive procedure that will change your hair game for the better. It comprises of two key steps; graft harvesting and site creation. Here is a brief insight into both of these parts:

Graft Harvesting:

For the sole purpose of graft harvesting, robotic system utilizes optical guidance system for extraction and location of follicular units which can act as the best units for hair transplantation.  With robotic hair transplant in Islamabad & Pakistan, thousands of healthy grafts can be implanted in a single session. The precision with which grafts our extracted minimizes the graft damage and makes it a highly efficient procedure. Local anesthesia is administered to the donor site and grafts are extracted.

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Site Creation:

The Robotic hair transplant in Islamabad & Rawalpindi provides efficient site creation services. The system ensures that recipient sites are created at a specified angle, depth and density required for perfect hair. The recipient site is numbed with the help of local anesthesia and sites are created. Afterward, the hair follicles are inserted manually by the staff and the surgeon.

Post-Surgical Care of Robotic Transplant

Post-Surgical Care allows you to recover quickly and maximize the results of robotic hair transplant in Islamabad. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Take your pain killers to minimize any pain.
  • Do not wash your scalp for a period of three days.
  • Avoid massaging your scalp.
  • Do not pick or scratch your scalp.
  • Keep your head elevated at night.
  • Take the antibiotics to avoid any infections.

Results of Robotic Transplant

Results of Robotic Hair Transplant in Rawalpindi & Peshawar will begin to show in a period of three months. As, your hair grows in cycles, you will be able to see complete hair growth in a period of one year. Results will be extremely natural looking and last for a lifetime.


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