Is robotic transplant better than FUE hair transplant

Robotic hair transplant in Islamabad is the latest type of transplantation. Given its sophisticated and precise approaches, it is a worth-considering treatment which restores the charm of a fuller hair head. A robot performs this procedure instead of a physician.

With the introduction of this technique, a debate has sparked on whether it is better than FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction. Without a doubt, both these procedures are quite popular and are in demand. So, we will help you find out which one is better and for which you should go.

Robotic Hair Transplant: Ins and Outs

This is a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure that utilises robotic technology like the ARTAS system. From extraction to the implantation of hair follicles, each step is performed by this technology. This procedure offers precise, accurate and targeted results and also eradicates the possibility of human error.

Is a Robotic Transplant Better Than a FUE Hair Transplant?

If you are dealing with hair loss, baldness or receding hairlines, then you must think about a permanent treatment. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that restores natural growth patterns and eradicates bald patches on the scalp. It has several types, such as Robotic procedure, FUE, etc. The application of the robotic system has several advantages that make it a beneficial procedure. It also entails a few drawbacks. The evaluation of its pros and cons and comparison with the FUE hair restoration procedure will depict a clear picture.

Let’s Evaluate and Compare It With FUE

When it comes to precise and targeted results, the robotic system stands tall. It is a machine that accurately extracts and transplants follicles into the targeted areas of the scalp. On the flip side, a surgeon performs a FUE procedure. It also offers precise results, but in this domain, it could not compete with the machine. 

The procedure performed by a machine is way faster and quicker than the treatment that a human performs. So, besides offering precise results, this treatment is also faster

Unlike FUT, both of these hair restoration techniques produce minimal scars. If you are worried about visible scars, then be confident and relaxed, as whatever treatment you consider, you will not observe visible scars

Robotic procedure is not suggested to people with curly hair as the machine may not produce the desired results. Furthermore, if you do not have dark hair, then you have to dye your hair before proceeding with this treatment, but in the case of FUE, you do not need to dye your hair.

The machine does not understand the aesthetic needs of a particular individual, but a surgeon does. We understand that the requirements of every person are unique, and they seek custom-made treatments. A surgeon at SKN Cosmetics always offers personalised therapies.

Robotic transplant is a sophisticated procedure and is costlier than all other hair treatments. In addition to that, it is not available at every clinic, while the FUE procedure is done at almost every clinic.

You have gone through all the pros and cons of this advanced hair treatment. You can decide, based on your personal choices, which procedure suits you the most because It lies at an individual’s discretion. Some people prefer the robotic procedure, and some consider FUE.

The Final Thought!

Hair transplant in Islamabad deals with hair loss or receding hairlines. Both FUE and Robotic Transplant are its types. The restoration of receding hairlines via a machine is a quick, precise and targeted approach. Furthermore, it does not cause any visible scars. It lacks the artistic skill or is unable to offer custom-made treatment that FUE can offer. Both of these techniques have a few pros and cons, and it largely depends on an individual which procedure he likes based on his personal preferences.

Schedule your appointment at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad to regain the charm of lost hair. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and choose the most suitable procedure based on your specific needs and the suggestions of our expert. 


What are the benefits of robotic hair transplant?

  • It is a speedy procedure that offers accurate results
  • It does not cause visible scarring
  • The machine-based treatment does not cause trauma to neighbouring follicles
  • Offers natural-looking results and a fuller hair head

What is the safest method for hair restoration?

FUE is deemed the safest hair treatment. During this procedure, a surgeon extracts and transplants individual hair follicles into the bald patches of the scalp, offering custom-made and precise treatment without causing visible scarring. Furthermore, this is a minimally invasive procedure that does not even require stitches.

Is a Robotic Transplant permanent?

Yes. This hair treatment offers enduring results. Transplanted hairs follow their natural growth cycle as this procedure grows hair naturally. Furthermore, transplanted hairs are also resistant to baldness and last for a longer time.