Rhinoplasty in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Since the nose is the central point of the face, it has an enormous impact on our general appearance, which includes the impression we make on other people. This impact is direct, the nose affects our personality and how other people see us. Though some people may luckily be endowed with well-arranged noses, others have nose challenges. Birth defects or injuries can alter its structure, potentially leading to breathing difficulties.

Beyond functional concerns, dissatisfaction with the nose’s shape or size prompts many individuals to seek cosmetic alterations. Nose surgery emerges as the primary recourse for addressing such aesthetic grievances. However, the journey doesn’t conclude with this decision, as a spectrum of nasal surgeries exists to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Learn about Rhinoplasty in Islamabad, Pakistan by continuing to read to get the perfect nose shape.

What is Rhinoplasty? 

Rhinoplasty is a tailored-made technique that needs a bit of thorough and detailed analysis of the patient’s nature of the face, what the patient wants to achieve and what condition of health history the patient has. Initial consultation will be as relevant as it would be with our expert surgeons who do a detailed assessment of each patient to comprehend his or her needs better and thus develop a specific treatment plan for each patient.

Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures:

Different types of rhinoplasty procedures carry some types of solutions to meet particular goals and aspired outcomes. These include:

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty:

Cosmetic rhinoplasty means knowing how to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose by restructuring the length of the nose, refining the end of the nose, or correcting the nose to sustain symmetry in the nostrils. Our experienced surgeons using the latest methods are capable of reaching the most natural results possessing harmonious features of a patient’s face.

Functional Rhinoplasty:

The functional goal of rhinoplasty is to bring about problems caused by structural issues in the nasal cavity, those that block nasal air passage from flowing properly. Such alterations may include normalising the septum that’s causing deviation, repairing the nasal collapse, or reducing the size of turbinates. By addressing functional concerns, patients can experience improved breathing and overall nasal function.

Revision Rhinoplasty:

Revision rhinoplasty is performed to rectify complications or dissatisfactory outcomes that are a result of a former nose operation. Our team is an expert in the field of complex peripheral revisions which have been performed with the use of modern surgical devices for enhancement and balance of the facial components.

Results of Rhinoplasty Islamabad:

The creation of a beautiful nose using Best Rhinoplasty in Islamabad, not only improve the outward look of the nose but also fix the functional aspect The patient’s nose is among the most prominent features framing the face and after rhinoplasty surgery, most patients report that their faces now have improved harmony, enhanced symmetry, and better proportions as the nose profile blends with the overall physical features. Moreover, if you end up with structural abnormalities like a deviated septum or nasal valve collapse and are corrected, there could be an improvement in nasal breathing and function. 

Rhinoplasty cost in IslamabadBest Rhinoplasty in Islamabadrhinoplasty in Islamabad

Top Benefits:

  • Enhanced facial harmony
  • Improved symmetry
  • Proportionate nasal profile
  • Corrected structural abnormalities
  • Better breathing
  • Enhanced nasal function
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Improved quality of life
  • Personalised results
  • Natural-looking outcomes
  • Skilled surgical expertise
  • Advanced techniques

Best Candidate for the Rhinoplasty:

  • Individuals with asymmetrical noses
  • Patients with a deviated septum
  • Those experiencing nasal valve collapse
  • Individuals with enlarged nasal turbinates
  • Patients with previous unsatisfactory rhinoplasty results
  • Those seeking personalised surgical solutions
  • Individuals in good overall health
  • Patients with realistic expectations and goals
  • Individuals dissatisfied with nasal appearance
  • Those seeking facial harmony
  • Patients with breathing difficulties
  • Individuals with structural nasal issues
  • Those desiring enhanced self-confidence

Preparation Before the Surgery:

  • Schedule a consultation with the surgeon
  • Undergo medical evaluation
  • Quit smoking
  • Review medications with the surgeon
  • Avoid blood thinners
  • Arrange transportation
  • Plan for recovery
  • Follow preoperative instructions
  • Stay hydrated
  • Communicate with surgeon

Rhinoplasty Procedure:

Rhinoplasty surgery involves several major steps that are done for the patient to achieve the desired result. First, through anaesthesia, the patient is rendered unconscious or in an insensible state to prevent pain and discomfort during the surgery. Following, the surgeon makes a cut to be done from the inside of the nostrils (closed rhinoplasty) or on the outer part of the columella point of the nose(open rhinoplasty), depending on the type of procedure. Through these cuts, the doctor modifies the nasal bones, cartilage and tissues so that he can create the desired esthetic. 

Such a procedure can be done by either slimming or widening the nose bridge, improving the nose tip, or correcting the deviations. Following these alterations, the incisions are very carefully closed and a splint is then applied that helps support the newly shaped nose while the healing process for the nose takes place. Next, the patient is transferred to the recovery room where is monitored and discharged home following the postoperative instructions to ensure the necessary optimal healing and recovery.

Recovery Right After Rhinoplasty:

Healing time after rhinoplasty depends on individual characteristics and the degree of the procedure execution. In general, patients can expect swelling, bruise, and discomfort on the surgery day. In addition, most people recover and resume going back to work or school within 1 to 2 weeks after the operation. You however may need six weeks or even more rest of strenuous activity and lifting heavy weights to ensure proper healing. The swelling on the affected parts of the body often goes away in the first two weeks and further swelling over several months may be experienced by the affected bits of the body. Therefore, for patients to receive the best outcome after getting operated on, they should faithfully follow the postoperative instructions given by the surgeon and do all scheduled follow-up appointments to guarantee a perfect recovery.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Follow the surgeon’s postoperative instructions
  • Take prescribed medications as directed
  • Keep head elevated while resting
  • Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling
  • Avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting
  • Do not blow your nose for the first week
  • Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for several weeks
  • Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments
  • Practise good hygiene around the surgical site
  • Be patient with the healing process

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Islamabad Pakistan?

The cost of Rhinoplasty in Islamabad typically ranges from PKR 150,000 to PKR 450,000, depending on various factors such as the complexity of the procedure, surgeon’s experience, facility fees, and postoperative care.

Side Effects:

Common side effects following rhinoplasty may include:

  • Swelling and bruising 
  • Temporary numbness 
  • Nasal congestion
  • Minor discomfort or pain, 
  • Formation of scar tissue 
  • infection or bleeding at the surgical site
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic results

Non-Surgical Alternative to Rhinoplasty:

Non-surgical alternatives to rhinoplasty present an option for patients to improve certain cosmetic issues without surgery for those who are not ready for surgery or who have contraindications. People tend to choose to inject hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers as one of the non-surgical options. The fillers are artistically placed to give the nose a new shape and to solve problems like humps, asymmetry and minor irregularities.

Non-surgical treatment another option is injecting neurotoxins like Botox, which manage muscle relaxation and reduce the visibility of dynamic wrinkles, for example, bunny lines or a drooping nasal tip. You must consult with our qualified expert to find out if you are a suitable candidate and to enumerate the advantages and drawbacks of such procedures.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Islamabad: 

In the hunt for the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Islamabad, Dr. Naveed Azhar, who is a recipient of numerous international awards and holds a strong standing in facial plastic surgery, emerges as a highly reputable and skilled figure. Dr. Naveed Azhar distinguished himself by his many years of practice and the notable competencies he has in nose surgery procedures. This is according to a widely known fact that he gives each of his patients a very personal approach through careful attention to detail to achieve a natural look.

The one thing the patients had in common was that they all praised Dr Naveed Azhar for his professionalism, compassion and efforts in trying his best to get the results patients were hoping for. Considering his experience in this field and rhinoplasty surgery, Dr Naveed Azhar enjoys a good standing in the market and is the preferred choice for people in and around Islamabad who are interested in nasal enhancements.

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The cost of Rhinoplasty in Islamabad ranges from 145,000 to 400,000 depending upon the nose condition of the patient. If clinic staff is well-experienced they will have more rates as compared to standard clinics.
Rhinoplasty surgery involves Anesthesia, so no pain can be felt by the patient during treatment. This practice isn’t painful for everyone. However, after surgery, some patients suffer from pain but it’s not unbearable.
Surgeons will enhance your nose shape by making an incision in the nose structure to adjust the deviated septum. Once it’s done, incisions will be closed and your nose will be healed within sometime according to your desired requirement.
The recovery time-period depends upon the health condition of the patient. However, it may take from 5-6 weeks for the complete healing process. Avoid lifting, bending of nose for efficient recovery.
In short yes, Rhinoplasty lasts forever. People get this treatment to resolve the issues of the irregular-shaped nose without any side-effects and complications.