What Results Can I Expect from Rhinoplasty in Islamabad?

A “Nose Job” is a type of surgery that alters the nose’s size and shape. Due to medical advances in recent years, we can now endure such surgeries. In Islamabad, Rhinoplasty Pakistan is the best option for nose reshaping, size changes, and breathing issues. 

However, it can repair an injured nose. This medical process will help you achieve the optimal nose size or shape, regardless of your nasal concerns. Individuals are growing more sensitive to the health of their body parts, which is good. This is why there are several body maintenance products.

Types of Rhinoplasty Surgery:

There are various rhinoplasty procedures. SKN Clinic describes nose reshaping therapy as a delicate and complex operation that can be done with few techniques. The following list describes two main nose surgery methods:

  • Open rhinoplasty surgery
  • Closed rhinoplasty

A Few Facts:

Brief information about rhinoplasty summarizes the operation in several locations. This summarizes these facts. Thus, you can quickly get primary facts about this operation. The following is given:

  • Rhinoplasty is surgery.
  • Under general anesthesia, it will be done.
  • Two ways are used during the procedure: open and closed.
  • Nose reshaping surgery is affordable.
  • Recovery takes three to six months.
  • There are no significant side effects other than swelling, stiffness, and pain.
  • After removing the bandage and stitches, you can resume work.
  • Because they are still maturing, candidates under 18 are ineligible.
  • A non-surgical nose job is appropriate for minor alterations.
  • Anyone can get nose reshaping surgery.

Who is Suitable For Nose Reshaping Surgery?

The candidates must meet eligibility standards before surgery. Nose surgery is suitable for everyone with multiple nose issues. In any case, eligible candidates should consider the following:

  • Applicants must be 20 or older.
  • People are born with abnormal noses.
  • If you have trouble breathing and other issues.
  • For nose reshaping and relocation.
  • Aligning the abnormal nose.
  • You can be a candidate to expand or contract.

Good Things:

People who choose nose surgery usually benefit greatly. However, these are the main benefits:

  • It will enlarge or shrink your nose.
  • Improve and enhance the nose shape.
  • Minimize your nasal bridge or tip.
  • Doing so will straighten and accentuate your nose.
  • Facial attractiveness will improve.
  • Effective, long-lasting results.
  • Without major issues.
  • You breathe easily.
  • No long-term healing occurs once the wound heals.

What Results Should You Expect?

Nose reshaping yields long-lasting results. A candidate will notice changes after three months or later when the edema has subsided to normal. After nine to twelve months, the final appearance will be permanent. Thus, effective outcomes depend on choosing a qualified plastic surgeon who performs your operation carefully and adequately cares for the treated area throughout recovery. This method yields impressive results.

How do you prepare for nose surgery?

Your plastic surgeon will examine your health and condition at an initial visit before nose surgery. The surgeon suggested certain precautions to avoid complications during and after the surgery. Such as: 

  • Blood thinners impede recovery and should be avoided.
  • Try to avoid alcohol and smoke.
  • Stop taking other drugs before surgery.
  • Maintain your nutrition and hydration.
  • Prepare for surgery.

Procedure for Rhinoplasty:

A qualified plastic surgeon will perform rhinoplasty under general anesthesia. Nose surgery can take two to four hours, depending on the issue. In contrast, the method will go as follows:

  • The surgeon will wait for the applicant’s anesthetic to take effect.
  • Incisions will follow the chosen procedure.
  • The surgeon will adjust by addressing the problem next.
  • After closing the incision, the nose will be bandaged.

Aftercare precautions:

After surgery, the surgeon will provide you with nose care recommendations. Here are the most common instructions:

  • Avoid blood thinners, which impede recovery.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking after surgery.
  • For the first few days, drink only liquids and avoid thick foods.
  • Take prescribed antibiotics and medicines to prevent infection.
  • Avoid rubbing, touching, or moving your nose.
  • Keep the area clean, and avoid washing your face for the first few days.
  • Sit when sleeping.
  • Avoid facial expressions and nose-blowing.
  • For a few weeks, avoid strenuous activities and workouts.

Rhinoplasty Cost

Usually, rhinoplasty in Islamabad costs between PKR 145,000 to PKR 400,000 depends on amount of work required. It is a delicate treatment that cannot be performed by untrained surgeons, so save your money on them. When considering nose surgery, the following factors can affect cost:

  • Professional plastic surgery cost.
  • Clinic reputation and location.
  • Costs for anesthesia.
  • Nose surgery technique.
  • Other clinical costs exist.

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