Carbon Laser Peel in Islamabad & Pakistan

Laser treatment of carbon peel is a painless procedure that works for people with oily skin, blackheads, large pores, and acne on the face and other areas of the body. Most of the time, it is also called as charcoal facial/peel. This is one of the resurfacing techniques that are used for treating imperfections of the skin by utilizing focused light beams. The  Laser Laser Carbon Peel in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan restores skin balance by providing softer, smoother, firmer, and refreshed skin.

Who Is the Candidate?

Chemical peels are the safest option for getting the type of baby skin you have been wishing for so many years. It is the right time to make your dream come true. You can be selected for the candidacy of Carbon Laser Peel Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan if:

  • You are facing facial irregularities
  • Your skin has started to sag due to age
  • You have dark pigments on your skin
  • You want to remove stretch marks or large pores
  • You are a sufferer of acne scars or post-surgical scars

Aim of Treatment:

This effective technique has the major aim of rejuvenating skin and deep skin cleansing. For these purposes, liquid carbon is applied to the face and is blasted off with the help of lasers. Deep cleansing of the skin is usually ensured by a combination of laser treatment with carbon. This type of peeling causes skin tightening and purification.

Results and Benefits:


The treatment significantly clears up an uneven skin tone. It also works for pigmentation and congested pores. At SKN Cosmetics, with the space of 2-3 weeks, two to six treatments of Carbon Laser Peel in Islamabad are carried out for delivering superior results. After your initial course maintenance treatments are required to be followed depending on your skin condition and desired results.

Carbon Laser Peel before afterCarbon Laser Peel cost is Islamabadresults of Carbon Laser Peel


  • Makes your skin softer, smoother, and more radiant
  • Stimulates collagen growth for improving the skin texture
  • Aids in removing dead cells from the damaged upper layer of skin
  • Exfoliates the skin and reduce pore size for an evening out the skin tone
  • Lighten age spots/dark spots, fades freckles, reduces wrinkles, and fine lines
  • Involves the use of liquid carbon that penetrate deep into pores for removing dead skin cells, oil and blackheads

Technique We Use:

For treating imperfections of the skin, chemical peels are usually combined with laser beams in order to rejuvenate the skin. This highly advanced technique restores the skin’s luminescence and brightness.

  • The dermatologist at SKN Cosmetics starts the procedure by covering the face with a thin layer of liquid carbon.
  • Once the face is covered by carbon peel, the laser beam is further focused and targeted. Used chemical peel shows its effectiveness by absorption of laser energy through dark particles of carbon.
  • These particles are sucked by using a vacuum pump. The entire process helps in removing the superficial layer of dead skin cells.
  • It creates thermal energy inside the skin, setting off the generation of new collagen and another new layer of skin.
  • Thus, the rate of development of connective tissues increases, and damaged skin will be eradicated by carbon particles, cleaning out your pores altogether.


There is minimal to zero downtime after getting the Carbon Laser Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi. You are advised to go with your regular activities right after the next day of treatment. Slight redness is usually seen by the sufferer which fades in a couple of hours or days. For better and fats healing, few instructions should be followed. These are listed below:

  • For getting rid of minor side effects, use topical medications
  • Use ice packs for reducing the burning sensation caused by lasers
  • Avoid scratching and rubbing the area of treatment for a few days
  • Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen when you are out at day time

Schedule a Free Consultation:

The combination of laser technology with medical-grade carbon achieves superior cleansing of the skin and visibly improved overall skin tone at SKN Cosmetic Surgery. The quick treatment time and immediate results make this a convenient, highly effective, and recommended lunchtime procedure. Book your appointment by filling the form today.


A: Changes from treatment like laser chemical peel can be recognizable not long after the system, with proceeded progress throughout the next days to weeks.
A: The number of meetings necessary depends on each patient's unique skin issues and treatment goals. Many meetings are held regularly for the best results.
A: The laser chemical peel is also known as the Hollywood laser peel. It involves reviving and peeling the skin with a gentle laser, resulting in a beautiful composition.
A: Melasma is completely treatable! The Hollywood Laser Peel, a zero-downtime laser treatment designed to lessen the appearance of melasma, is available at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad.