Laser Carbon Peels: Expectations vs. Reality

People with oily skin, acne, and enlarged or clogged pores are the main users. However, if you notice the symptoms of sun damage on your skin, this therapy is very helpful. SKN Cosmetic Clinic offers multiple ranges of quick and effective treatments for such skin types, and laser carbon peel is one of them. Now you may wonder about this treatment, and many people wanted to know about Laser Carbon Peels: Expectations vs. Reality.

So, in this blog post, we will discuss several things that people think but are different in reality. Keep reading for more information.

An Overview – Laser Carbon Peels:

A variety of aesthetic skin issues can be treated with the laser procedure known as laser carbon peel, commonly referred to as Hollywood Peel.

Because it may heal acne scars, uneven skin texture, dark patches, and enlarged pores, it is a minimally invasive and almost painless anti-aging technique. In addition, any specific body area, including the face, neck, and hands, can receive a laser carbon peel to make the skin smooth, firm, and youthful.

There is no discomfort and no downtime associated with laser carbon peels. In addition, there are no known negative effects other than a light, temporary redness.

Expectation Vs. Reality:

Generally, people consider several things in their minds, but they are somewhere different in reality. However, a few common facts are mentioned below.

Treatment Type

Many expect it to perform the same as a chemical peel, but no, it is different. The chemical peel is performed by applying chemicals on the face, but the laser carbon peel is used to perform with the laser’s heat. So, it would be helpful if people should know that these two treatments were different and did not expect the wrong things about the reality of laser carbon peels.

Treatment Suitability

On a daily basis, our experts attend to many candidates who expect that laser carbon peel will be suitable for them. But the reality is different. So first, your skin practitioner will examine your skin and recommend a suitable treatment. Otherwise, if your skin isn’t free of infection or acne, then you will not be the candidate for this treatment. Also, if you expect this treatment to treat deep scars or severe skin impurities, then it is not true.

Side Effects And Recovery Period

One of the common things that some people expect is that they will get extreme side effects or have to experience a long recovery period. The reality is this treatment is a non-invasive that will not give you major side effects but only a few minor ones that can be fixed by taking good care. Also, non-surgical procedures don’t require long-term recovery but only a few weeks to be normal.

The Cost

Last but not least, a candidate who thinks such treatments can be performed cheaply or doesn’t require to pay a lot. No, it is not true. When you are going to consider any treatment for your skin, then do not compromise. This treatment may affect the cost of the treatment due to customization. In reality, the treatment cost is relatively inexpensive, so you have to choose it at a reasonable cost.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, for those with oily skin, big pores, and acne, laser carbon peels can rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. This treatment may also help those who just have light photoaging and wrinkles.

There are several things about Laser Carbon Peels: Expectations vs. Reality that might need to be discovered by you. So feel free to contact us or visit our clinic SKN Cosmetic surgery In Islamabad to get this treatment from our expert skin specialists.