Filler Injections with PRP Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Platelet-rich plasma therapy improves facial health effectively. It’s also natural since it’s made from your blood and includes growth ingredients. In addition, adding fillers to your PRP therapy helps rejuvenate your face. Your skin’s natural glow is lifted and restored. Specialists use your blood to make PRP without allergies or intolerance. It also reduces small lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips and smooths the skin. It also covers cheek gaps.

What are Filler Injections with PRP?

You may look younger with PRP face injections. In addition, platelets from the patient’s blood are injected to encourage collagen and elastin formation. PRP treatments in the face also boost collagen production. 

In turn, it helps your skin grow back healthy. Moreover, dermatologists put PRP into smile lines and dark circles under the eyes to make them look better. Therefore, PRP’s growth factors and platelets can help fix the skin around your eyes, giving you a smoother, more youthful look.

How Filler Injections with PRP Work?

When PRP is used to introduce filler, the following steps are usually taken:

  • Consultation:  A full meeting with a trained beauty expert to look at your skin and discuss your goals for your appearance.
  • Blood Withdrawal: A small amount of your blood is taken out and put into a centrifuge to sort the platelet-rich plasma from the other parts of your blood.
  • Getting the PRP Ready: The Surgeon removes the PRP and makes it ready for injecting.
  • Filler Injections: Specialists inject dermal fillers into certain areas of the face to smooth out lines and add volume.
  • PRP Injections: The PRP is then put into the same places or used with microneedling to speed up the skin’s healing process.

Ideal Candidates for Filler Injections with PRP:

  • People who should get filler shots with PRP are:
  • Ca who have lost a little to a lot of face bulk.
  • People who want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Patients who wish to rejuvenate their faces in a natural and non-surgical way.
  • People who are generally healthy and have realistic goals.
  • People who want to improve the quality and structure of their skin.

Results of Filler Injections and PRP Treatment:

When dermatologists combine filler shots with PRP treatment at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad, you usually immediately see effects. Moreover, your face will appear fuller and feature fewer wrinkles. Similarly, as the weeks pass, the PRP will increase collagen manufacturing, making the skin smoother, more toned, and more pliable. Furthermore, this two-pronged approach has blessings and gives you a glowing and youthful-looking look that keeps enhancing over the years.

Filler Injections with PRP Islamabad Pakistan & Rawalpindi Filler Injections with PRP in Pakistan Filler Injections with PRP in Islamabad 

Benefits of Filler Injections with PRP:

Pros of combining filler injections with PRP for natural results:

When you mix fillers and PRP, the body’s growth factors boost collagen production. Moreover, it works to repair the tissue, giving you a natural, young-looking look.

  • Better Skin Quality:

Fillers add volume and smooth out lines, while PRP improves the skin’s tone, structure, and flexibility.

  • Long- Lasting Effects:

Fillers work immediately, but PRP’s benefits improve over time because the growth factors help the skin renew.

  • Minimally Invasive:

The process is slightly invasive and requires little to no recovery time, making it a good choice for people who are always on the go.

  • Safe and Effective:

When you use your own plasma, you lower the risk of allergy responses and other problems.

Why Should You Get Filler Injections with PRP?

Getting filler shots with PRP has several benefits:

  • Comprehensive Rejuvenation: When fillers and PRP are used together, they work on more than one part of aging, giving the skin a more youthful look.
  • Customized Treatment: Each treatment is tailored to the individual’s wants and goals, ensuring the results are successful and unique.
  • Boosts Natural Healing: PRP uses the body’s natural healing powers to make skin stronger and more colorful.
  • Trusted by Experts: Dermatologists and plastic doctors suggest this treatment because it works and is safe for many people.

The Best Way to Get Filler Injections with PRP in Islamabad, Pakistan?

For filler shots with PRP, the best treatment in Islamabad is done by skilled and experienced professionals who take great care to get the best results. Parts of the process are:

    • Session and Evaluation: A thorough session to learn about the patient’s worries and goals for their appearance.
    • Advanced Techniques: Utilising state-of-the-art tools and methods guarantees precise and efficient treatment.
    • Individualized Care: Individualised care involves developing a customized treatment plan catering to each patient’s needs.
    • Follow-Up: Providing comprehensive support and ongoing check-ins to monitor progress and ensure customer satisfaction.

Instructions for Aftercare

After getting filler shots with PRP, patients should take these treatment steps:

  • Do Not Touch or Rub: Do not contact or rub the remedy areas for at least 24 hours to save you from contamination and make a specific proper recovery.
  • Stay Hydrated: To help your frame heal and keep your pores and skin moist, drink masses of water.
  • Stay out of the Sun: To guard the handled regions from UV damage, stay out of the sun as much as possible and use sunscreen.
  • Appointments for compliance with-up: If your practitioner tells you to, take a look at-up visits to test your development and discuss any issues.
  • Don’t Do Hard Things: Avoid doing difficult things or working out for a few days after the remedy to prevent swelling and bruises.

Cost of Filler Injections with PRP in Islamabad, Pakistan:

The cost of Filler Injections with PRP in Islamabad, Pakistan, can range from PKR 15,000 to PKR 40,000. However, the price can change based on several factors, including the practitioner’s experience, the center’s location, and the patient’s unique needs. Therefore, you should ask a trained professional for an exact quote based on your treatment plan.

Final Thoughts:

Combining filler shots with PRP is a sturdy manner to rejuvenate the face, with natural outcomes lasting for a long time. Moreover, this treatment improves the best of your skin and fights more than one sign of getting older. Additionally, it makes your face look more normal by using the benefits of both dermal fillers and PRP remedies. Filler shots with PRP can help you reach your goals. Moreover, they can add volume to your face, smooth out lines, or make your skin look better overall.

Book an Appointment with Expert:

Talk to an educated professional at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad to discover if this remedy is right for you and to start your adventure to sparkling, young-searching pores and skin. Get a smooth, younger-looking face with the advanced remedy that suits your needs.


Filler Injections with PRP

Platelet-rich plasma and dermal fillers add bulk to the face, making the skin look younger.
The effects of PRP can last up to 18 months, and they keep improving.
You can feel mild pain, dermatologists use calming lotions are creams to make it less painful.
Temporary redness, swelling, and bruises are common side effects.
There is little break; most people can return to normal lives in one or two days.
The price of filler injection and PRP rejuvenation treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan, ranges between PKR 15,000 to PKR 40,000