How long can a temporary dental crown last

A temporary dental crown in Islamabad is a short-term or non-permanent tooth shell that offers multifaceted benefits. These are tooth-shaped caps that are used to conceal dental imperfections such as cavities or support the healing process. For example, if you have undergone root canal treatment, you need to wear a shell to support the healing process and protect teeth from damage or infection. At that time, a temporary crown is placed on the treated teeth to preserve the infected tooth and later on, it is replaced with a permanent crown when the healing process is completed.

Top Benefits Of Temporary Dental Crown?

If you want to deal with tooth size, shape, strength and aesthetics, then you can consider this procedure for the time being. Though its benefits are not permanent and do not last long but, still it is a beneficial technique for maintaining overall oral health.

Following are a few benefits of this treatment

  • Protects the treated area from sensitivity, infection and other side effects
  • Preserve natural tooth and prevents from tooth decay
  • Conceals associated imperfections such as discoloration and stains
  • Stops teeth shifting and keeps them in a proper alignment
  • Hides imperfections and augments the aesthetics of the smile
  • Replaces the functions and aesthetics of a decayed or damaged tooth
  • Covers cavities and creates a natural-looking and bright appearance
  • Improves biting and chewing and produces a gap between teeth

How Long Can A Temporary Dental Crown Last?

First of all, it must be clear that temporary dental crowns are placed for a short period, and permanent ones will replace them. The duration of this sort of crown differs from person to person. A crown can last from a few days to a few weeks. Its duration can be increased from a stipulated time by following the instructions of a surgeon.  Normally, the use of these crows is 2-3 weeks and afterwards, they are replaced with permanent crowns but there is no specific time for their use because the longevity of their duration also relies on an individual’s habits.

How Will It Look In Comparison With Other Teeth?

These are custom-made teeth caps that are designed not only to replace the functions but also the aesthetics of the teeth. They are carefully crafted. An individual’s teeth pattern, size, shape and colour are analysed to produce identical crowns and produce natural-looking results. Though they do not exactly match the shape and colour but, they are still somehow similar to natural teeth.

Can I Eat As Usual?

  • You are advised to take some measures while eating with temporary crowns in order to maintain your oral health and reduce the risks of damage or complications. 
  • Use a soft diet and do not go for hard food, as excessive pressure can malfunction or even destroy temporary crowns 
  • While chewing food, you should avoid adding pressure to that specific area or can use the other side of the jaw for chewing
  • Harsh brushing can also lead to disturbance. Be careful while brushing to prevent it  from dislodging
  • Try to maintain optimal oral health to reduce the risks of infection and sensitivity 

How Much  Does This Treatment Cost?

Factors such as the specific material used to prepare a crown, the number of units, additional procedures, the clinic’s location and the specific purpose of an individual normally determine the overall cost of this procedure. As it is a custom-made treatment, the cost of this procedure also changes from person to person. 

The Final Thought!

Temporary dental crown in Islamabad is used to reinstate the functions and aesthetics of a damaged tooth. This type of crown is used for a specific time and is only used for about 2-3 weeks. It does not last long and its duration normally lies somewhere between 2-3 weeks. The use of these crowns is quite effective as they protect the treated area from infection, conserve natural teeth,  hide imperfections and augment the grace and elegance of an aesthetically pleasing smile.

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Can a temporary crown last for years?

Temporary crowns are intended to serve for a certain or limited period. You cannot wear them for an extended duration. Furthermore, they are not long-lasting and can only be used for a specific period.

Can I eat with a temporary crown?

Yes, you can eat. But you should be careful about what you eat. It is suggested to use soft and properly cooked foods and avoid hard and sticky foods to avoid the risks of complications.

Are temporary crowns weak?

Yes, they are weaker and more fragile than permanent ones. You need to be very careful while wearing temporary dental caps.