The hair expert, Doctor Muhammad Riaz, is one of the professional plastic surgeons associated with a fellowship of the Royal Colleges of surgeons, FRCESD, and FRCSI. He performs successful hair transplants and other plastic surgeries with his expertise, skills, and perfect proficiency according to the patient’s preferences. He is the name of excellence and ranking top in the list of United Kingdom’s most professional surgeons.

He has gained more than 20+ years of experience in the related field of plastic surgeons and hair specialists. He provides several years of his life as a plastic and reconstructed specialist consultant by using advanced technology. Although, he achieved the most substantial background in hair transplanting surgeries at the Castle Hospital, United Kingdom.

With back support from performing successful hair transplantation surgeries, he is a professional surgeon who can handle delicate surgeries with total concentration and carefully. Almost, he has completed more than thousands of hair transplantation surgeries using advanced techniques of extraction and insertion. Moreover, he is proficient in transplanting methods like FUE – follicular unit extracting and FUT – strip extraction method for dealing with all degrees of hair loss issues like alopecia, uneven hairline, crown patches, and many other problems. Moreover, male and female pattern baldness and transplantation are handled by Dr. Muhammad Riaz, respectively.

At SKN cosmetics surgery clinic, he is professionally handling hair transplantation surgeries and plastic surgeries like Rhinoplasty in Islamabad and Liposuction in Islamabad with his excellent skills.