Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation in Islamabad

People obtain a strong belief from their features. A good look makes feel good both inside and out. Furthermore, having an issue with one’s appearance may greatly depress one’s spirits. The size and form of a woman’s breasts are some of the challenges she faces. Their breast is frequently altered throughout time as a result of a variety of problems. For most of these women; Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation in Islamabad seems to be the best option. It’s also a rather rapid approach.

What is Fat Transfer?

Fatty transplant, fatty injectables, and micro-lipo injection are all terms used to describe fat transfer. You might, for instance, select a fat transfer to your breasts instead of standard breast augmentation procedures. It is the most recent method of breast augmentation. Breast augmentation with Fat Transfer is a valid alternative to breast surgical treatment that involves transferring fat from other parts of the body, such as the legs or belly, to the breasts. Shape, size, and imbalance may all be elegantly handled, resulting in a very versatile and experienced breast augmentation.

Are You a Good Candidate?

If a woman pursues these treatment options, she does so for the following reasons:

  • The breasts are extremely tiny.
  • Upon pregnancy or breastfeeding, the breasts sag.
  • One of your breasts is smaller than the other.
  • Breast reconstruction is required after a breast is removed for cancer therapy.
  • Wearing body-fit and swimsuits is tough for her.
  • Due to the weight reduction, her breast shrank.
  • The firmness of the breasts deteriorates.

Outcomes and Privileges:


Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation in Islamabad delivers excellent outcomes, allowing you to attain the form and proportion of your aspirations. When you’re through, you’ll strongly believe and be fantastic. Although, it is critical to maintaining clear expectations, as the treatment does indeed have significant limits. It’s essential to mention that roughly 35% to 45% of the fat transplanted will remain. That’s why the outcome requires several months to appear.


The following are the primary privileges of fat transfer.

  • Self-esteem is restored.
  • Increased self-assurance
  • Breast size and volume have increased.
  • Fuller breasts
  • Breasts are both beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
  • Self-satisfaction as a result of a pleasing breast look

How Can You Get Yourself Prepare?

Before undergoing such treatment you must:

  • Before the operation, avoid using any blood-thinning medicines.
  • Vitamin E supplements should be avoided.
  • For a few days, don’t drink alcohol.
  • Smoking affects poor recovery, so quite a few weeks ahead of time.
  • Obey any additional pre-treatment instructions given by the doctor.

What is the Procedure?

If you want fat transferred you will need local anesthesia in two places:

  • The “donor” location where the fat will be extracted and the “receiver” site in which the fat is being transferred back to the body.
  • The fat from the recipient area is then extracted using a needle prick (fat injections) connected to a syringe.
  • The fat is infused into the beneficiary region after the condensed water is evacuated.
  • The procedure is repeated several times outcome is obtained.

How Much Does This Procedure Cost?

When it comes to expenses, keep in mind that they vary based on the operation and the cosmetic surgeon you choose. At SKN Cosmetics, procedures cost between 100,000 and 300,000 rupees and are often performed by exceedingly qualified staff as well as a specialist. It’s a sensitive process that can’t be done on the cheap. It’s a delicate operation that needs undivided attention, calm hands, and prospective abilities.

Why Are We Your Best Choice?

We offer a welcoming, comfortable environment, and also knowledgeable staff and board-certified specialists who are aware of hazards. Breast augmentation via fat transfer is primarily done here under vigilance and with all necessary safeguards. We are in it to deliver the exquisite Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation in Islamabad at one of the most reasonable prices along with promising accuracy and effectiveness for reference purposes.