Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost in Islamabad

There are many men out there who are experiencing different issues related to their health and other functions. The most commonly sexual intercourse problem especially in man reporting nowadays is Erectile Dysfunction. It is defined as a problem of getting into trouble and keeping an erection enough for sexual intercourse. But there is nothing to worry about, the new procedure options are introducing that are used for curing such problems. If you are one of those who are facing this issue then you must need to know about the procedure and its cost. 

The blog post will cover information about the procedure, its effective outcomes and the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost in Islamabad. Read further for more information related to these topics. 

About Erectile Dysfunction:

According to research, it is experienced by a lot of men due to limited blood circulation in the penis or sometimes nerves get damaged, cause of stress and emotional reasons and due to severe illness like heart problems, blood pressure or diabetes problems etc. Also, it indicates the blockage in men’s vascular system. 

At SKN Clinic, we offer both treatment option, surgical and non-surgical procedures. The most preferred option is the surgical procedure as compared to the non-surgical. It is performed by inserting penile implants into the penis of the patient which delivers the highest rates of successful results and satisfaction. It could be performed either with semirigid rods or inflatable implanting. 

The Outcomes:

According to our clinic, we will provide you with efficient and long-lasting results. Treating erectile problem will be a life-changing moment, results may differ from patient to patient and depend on the technique of treatment. It will give a 90% comfort situation to an undergoing patient and he will obtain the highest successful results. The outcomes of the treatment depend on two factors, the first is to choose an experienced surgeon for surgery and another is to take good care of yourself after the treatment. 

The Benefits:

There are several advantages particularly for male and young boys of undergoing this treatment, some of the common benefits are mentioned below: 

  • The sexual intercourse will be improved after the treatment. 
  • Your self-confidence will boost up. 
  • There will be no problem during erection. 
  • It will improve the blood flow as well. 
  • The life-changing treatment option for a couple. 

About Cost:

After knowing the procedure, you should also know about the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost in Islamabad which starts from 800,000 PKR. It is a cosmetology procedure that most insurance organizations don’t cover. Afterward, it is a very complicated and sensitive concern where you can’t get treatment at low prices. You have to pay this a good amount which will worth it. 

How Cost is Calculated With Several Factors:

After knowing the average cost of the treatment, several factors can affect your treatment cost. These factors will be included according to the demand of the patient. All these factors can be discussed in the initial consultation session before the treatment. Some of the common factors are mentioned below with little details. 

The Experienced Surgeon Fee:

Yes, it is a delicate and sensitive matter, you can’t trust an inexperienced practitioner who will make your surgery worst. It is necessary to choose a board-certified surgeon who can handle this complicated surgery skillfully. Choosing a surgeon according to your choice will affect the cost of the treatment. You can select the practitioner of your choice before the procedure. 

Location And Reputation of The Clinic:

If you don’t have a reputable clinic nearby you, you have to travel from one place to another place for the treatment after knowing the reputation of the clinic. The travel expense will affect your cost. It is important to choose a well-known clinic instead of choosing non-registered clinics. 

Selection of Method:

The most important factor, there are several ways of treating ED problems and the techniques are recommended after the suitability of the candidate. Different treatment methods have different price rates. The technique will be selected in the consultation session and it will cost you accordingly. 

Anaesthesia and Other Medication:

Last but not least, it depends on the treatment method and how much anaesthesia a patient wants to not feel any pain during the procedure. It will affect the cost as well. After that, the practitioner will prescribe some medication for painkillers and anti-biotic for the prevention of any type of infection. So, both factors will affect variously. 

Therefore, these are all factors that can affect the cost differently and according to the need of the patient. We need to educate our patient with all possibilities of procedure steps, outcomes and cost-related factors. 

Further, if someone wants to know more about cost-related information then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for the details. Our team will guide you with the best and helpful details. We are here to provide you with marvellous services at reasonable cost rates.