What Is An Eyelash Hair Transplant In Islamabad

The most attractive and beautiful feature of the face is to have attractive eyes, the eyelashes become the focusing point of the face. Many people especially women have long and thick lashes naturally. Unluckily, not every woman is that lucky to have such type of lashes due to age factor, cause of genetics, stress and many other reasons. This will result in thin lashes and gives sick look. Those women who have a daily lifestyle, are tired of using fake lashes, lengthening and expensive mascara products for enhancing the lashes volume. 

Nowadays, it’s a trend to have long thick and accurate eyelashes. You may hear about lashes extension that makes a look thick and attractive but it requires multiple sessions from time to time for maintenance. For enhancing your appearance of eyes even better then you have to go for an eyelash transplant that will give you guaranteed and natural lashes for a long time. This blog post will cover all about What Is an Eyelash Hair Transplant Pakistan, its procedure and outcomes with benefits. 


It is a transplanting procedure that is performed by extracting hairs from the healthy donor site usually the backside of the scalp and place them on the upper or lower eyelid areas. It is a delicate surgery and performed by an expert ophthalmologist who handles such cases very skillfully. Some people required this process for cosmetic purposes, other people who extremely lose hair due to stress and genetics undergo this procedure. It is just like a hair transplant and will give effective long-lasting results if it will be performed correctly by an experienced practitioner. 

Eyelash Hair Transplant:

According to SKN cosmetics, it is a quite simple procedure and less tricky as compare to traditional transplantation. It only includes few steps like extraction of healthy grafts and places them on the empty eyelid area carefully. It will be done under local anaesthesia and take little time like 2 to 4 hours for transplanting the grafts. As in result, it will give a long-lasting and natural appearance of eyelash and the most effective treatment. The main advantage of this procedure is that the extracted hair will be your own hair and it will grow as natural, nobody can detect whether it’s real or transplanted lashes. For keeping the results accurate, a person should have followed the aftercare instructions. 

A note to Remember: Mostly undergoing candidates consider this surgery for cosmetic purposes and It is the best surgery for all women as well as ideal for those who have thin eyelashes due to stress, genetically and cause of any injury. 

The Outcomes:

The results of transplanting hair in eyelashes are effective and permanent. The candidate will obtain long-lasting results because it’s a hair transplanting process that gives permanent outcomes. Keeping them accurate, may require little maintenance regularly because they can grow long and a person needs to trim them by themselves. The lashes will be real and guaranteed instead of synthetic lashes. Also, full, thick and perfect lashes will be obtained. You just have to wait and take a patience level, you will notice complete outcomes within 10 to 12 months. It is very important to follow the aftercare instructions continuously for achieving the desire results and choosing an experienced surgeon for the surgery. 

The Advantages Of Having Eyelash Transplantation:

There are many benefits to undergoing this treatment for your eyelashes. Some of the common benefits are mentioned below: 

  • The length will be increased. 
  • The density of lashes will improve. 
  • No scar no pain. 
  • A natural and guaranteed lashes. 
  • Long-lasting results. 
  • It is a minimally invasive surgery. 
  • No major side effects. 
  • Enhanced the beauty of eyes. 

Before The Procedure:

It is necessary to have an initial sitting with your surgeon to know all about What is an Eyelash Hair Transplant Pakistan.In this session, the practitioner will examine the condition for hair loss of eyelashes. After that, he will recommend you a suitable treatment option. Mostly, it is best to recommend a transplanting procedure for getting rid of time to time maintenance sessions. Also, the practitioner will prescribe you few instructions related to your treatment and health, some of the common precautions are mentioned below: 

  • Do not take blood thinners. 
  • Avoid trimming or using fake lashes. 
  • Make the skin surface of the eye moisturize. 
  • Drink plenty of water, avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. 
  • Be prepared. 


The procedure is simple and easy to perform at the clinic by an expert ophthalmologist. The procedural steps are mentioned below: 

  • The practitioner will shave the donor area before the procedure and local anaesthesia will be injected at the scalp for numbness. 
  • The extraction will start by extracting healthy hair follicles from the donor site one by one. 
  • After that, the local anaesthesia will be injected into the eye area (upper or lower eyelid). 
  • The grafts will be placed at certain angles that allows the lashes to grow upward carefully. 
  • After the insertion, the final look will be checked. 

The total duration depends on how many grafts need to extract and how many grafts need to insert. Usually, the average time of the procedure is 2 to 4 hours. After that, you can go home. 

Aftercare Instructions:

The post-care instructions are important to follow after the treatment for keeping the outcomes effective and long-lasting. The practitioner will prescribe you few instructions to follow for aftercare. Some common are mentioned below: 

  • Use prescribed antibiotics for preventing infection. 
  • For relieving inflammation, use ice packs. 
  • Do not rub, touch or scratch the eyes unnecessarily. 
  • Avoid using makeup material. 
  • Visit your practitioner for a checkup of transplantation. 
  • The swelling and bruising are common so don’t be worried. 

All summed up! 

Therefore, the hair transplanting for lashes technique is effective and gives long-lasting natural results. You will get prominent outcomes without any pain and maintenance sessions. If you want to consider this treatment then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics, we will provide you with the best services through our expert surgeons.