4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost

Hair loss is the most common problem people facing these days due to various reasons and this concern has increased the demand for getting Hair Transplants. Therefore, these hair transplants have gained the finest reputation among other hair loss solutions because they provide more noticeable results. However, the highly recommended and best hair transplant is the one which uses hair grafts of 4000 & 5000, now the question arises that what will be the Cost of 4000 & 5000 Hair Grafts in Islamabad, Pakistan. Hence, this blog post resolves the cost-related confusion by discussing the charges of this Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplants are worth when acquired from experienced practitioners and the exact amount of grafts are used. With the huge advancement and increased success rate of hair transplant technologies, the demand for this procedure has also been raised worldwide. It comes up with two techniques including FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation). Practitioners must choose the right technique and the exact number of grafts to acquire optimal results.

How Much Does the 4000 & 5000 Hair Graft Cost?

4000 & 5000 hair grafts can’t be done alone with a single FUE session, it might require multiple sittings of both FUE and FUT techniques. Considering the leading hair transplants from experienced practitioners will charge the high price as compared to standard ones. Not everyone requires 4000 & 5000 hair grafts, some patients get enough of acquiring 3000 hair grafts so they have to pay less as compared to other patients.

Getting the hair grafts of 4000 & 5000 in any hair transplant is the best technique to acquire attractive and natural hair looking upshots permanently. Each graft has a specific fee according to the number of sessions you attend. A patient can’t get 5000 hair grafts in a single session, they must attend 4 to 5 sittings as per the doctor. A lot of clinics are aiming to perform 5000 hair grafts in only one session but in actual they perform hair transplant with only 3500-4000 grafts however a practitioner must have the complete knowledge to accomplish 5000 hair grafts.

4000 Hair Grafts Cost:

The Cost of 4000 Hair Grafts in Islamabad Pakistan ranges from 120,000 to 200,000 PKR according to the number of sessions you attend. The more people face baldness will have to attend spare sittings to get their hair concerns resolved. Every person who seeks to acquire the affordable hair transplants from experienced practitioners can visit Skn Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic.

To decrease the chance of risks it’s highly recommended to get hair transplants from a well-reputed clinic that has experienced doctors. They have the complete knowledge of performing the treatment through 4000 Hair grafts. However, it’s the most prominent fact that professional clinicians charge the high price as compared to standard ones. So don’t compromise your appearance for some money!

5000 Hair Grafts Cost:

The Cost of 5000 Hair Grafts in Islamabad Pakistan ranges from 150,000 to 250,000 PKR depending upon the extent of baldness. This hair graft has more rates due to the usage of both FUE and FUT techniques. However, it’s the best hair transplant worth getting from experienced practitioners at SKN cosmetics & plastic surgery clinic.

It’s a cost-effective treatment in Pakistan, but expensive in western countries. A lot of hair loss sufferers prefer getting this treatment from here due to its reasonable rates. However, the procedure becomes complex during 5000 Hair grafts because it delivers the most noticeable results by proving enough volume to the scalp.

Some Dominant Factors on Which Cost depends:

Apart from the surgery, some other expenses are also involved in hair transplants which varies accordingly, so it’s difficult to convey the exact hair transplant price whether it’s through 4000 hair grafts or 5000. Some important factors are listed which helps in determining the cost of this hair transplant:

  1. Blood tests & lab tests
  2. Technique used
  3. Medications
  4. Bald area
  5. Clinic location

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