5D Skin Whitening Injection Price in Pakistan

Get your skin tone bright and beautiful with affordable 5D skin whitening injections! Some people feel shy and embarrassed due to the dark tone of their skin. You may lose your quality of life and become the self-conscious cause of this issue. There are a lot of aesthetic treatments that can be effective and safest for making your skin tone fair and bright. However, SKN cosmetics is offering whitening injections at fair prices which will make your sin even brighter and attractive. In this blog post, you will learn about 5D 5D Skin Whitening Injection Price in Islamabad Pakistan, its working, and other supporting factors. Keep reading!

An Overview:

An injectable treatment, 5D skin whitening injection is one of the best and effective skin fairness products that is used to inject for skin whitening. It is a gluta 80000mg 5 sessions injection that will reduce the melanin in the skin and make it spotless and clear. Also, it may take 4 to 6 months for obtaining noticeable outcomes. These are suitable procedures for all skin types and both genders but not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding females.

How It Will Be Performed?

According to SKN cosmetics, it is better to consult with a board-certified dermatologist where he/she will let you know about the injection whether they are suitable or not. The procedural steps are mentioned below:

  • It will work as the dermatologist will prepare the specific dose amount.
  • The practitioner may use numbing cream for your irritation and pain.
  • Then the prepared syringe with solution will be injected into the arm’s most prominent vein.
  • With a slow routine, the solution will be injected and after that, it will be done.
  • You may require multiple sessions with a passage of time. Usually, it requires 4 to 6 sessions for making your desire into reality.

Is It Effective and Worthy?

Yes, of course, it is effective and worthy to those who are experiencing a kind of low life. It will completely change your life and you will enjoy your new tone with a beautiful appearance. Also, it will provide you with a lot of benefits as well, which are mentioned below:

  • Your skin will be firm and bright.
  • It will remove dark spots and acne scars as well.
  • Such injections will boost collagen production.
  • The size of pores will be reduced and prevents acne.
  • Effective treatment option for anti-ageing.
  • Painless and safest procedure.
  • Fadeaway annoying marks and pigmentation.

The Cost:

Generally, the 5D Skin Whitening Injection Price in Islamabad Pakistan ranges from 15000 PKR to 25000 PKR. The cost of the treatment will be decided after examining the situation of the patient. This procedure will be charged differently according to the patient’s concerns. Therefore, it is better to consult with your professional dermatologist to know the proper price range of this treatment according to your condition.

Other Cost Factors:

In an initial consultation session, you need to discuss all your problems with your specialist. After that, your dermatologist will discuss the exact price of the treatment then he/she will let you know about the other factors that can affect your cost according to your concerns. These factors are mentioned below with some details.

The Expert Dermatologist Fee:

When you need desired and effective results, you will choose an expert dermatologist for your treatment. That is why a selection of expert skin dermatologists will affect your cost because they charge you according to their fee criteria.

Location and Reputation of The Clinic:

Choosing a reputable clinic where you will find every facility, expert team, and hygiene environment will affect the cost. Moreover, many people do not have such a reputable clinic near to them which is why they travel from one place to another. By this fact, the traveling expense will affect the cost.

Session Requirements:

Some candidates get their desired results within 2 to 4 sessions and some of them require 4 to 6 sessions for obtaining effective and noticeable results. It depends on patient to patient that how much they need fairness. According to their demand, session requirements will affect the cost because a single session charge individually.

Other Supporting Charges:

In this cost factor, you may require medicines and consultation sessions after the treatment. If you feel an infection or any changes in your health then you may require to see your dermatologist for a checkup. This factor may affect your cost according to the situation.

Therefore, these all factors will be discussed in the consultation session before the treatment. Your dermatologist will discuss your concerns and then he/she will let you know about the exact price including needed factors. Moreover, if you want to know more about cost-related information then feel free to contact SKN cosmetics. You will get the affordable cost of this treatment at our clinic.