Advantages & Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

If you are considering hair transplantation treatment, you should know about its procedure’s pros and cons. When you go for an initial consultation, your hair specialist will discuss all the procedural steps, their results, benefits & drawbacks. This blog post will cover all information about hair transplants and the Advantages & Disadvantages of Hair Transplants. However, it is better to understand that it must have cons to gain the benefits of the treatment has pros. So, read more for further details about it. 

About Hair Transplant:

According to experts, it is a minimally invasive procedure of extracting healthy hair follicles and implant them on empty areas/spots. There are two methods of hair transplant, first is FUE – which is performed by extracting individual follicles from the healthy donor side and insert them on empty spots, and the other on is FUT – that is known as the strip method, which is extracted from the backside of scalp and implant on the needy area. The hair can also be pulled from anywhere like eyebrows and beards, but they should be healthy. Therefore, it is essential to fulfilling the candidacy criteria before the treatment to provide long-lasting results. 

Pros and Cons of Hair Transplantation:

There are a lot of people who are very conscious about their hair. But, they experience hair fall due to busy and stressful lifestyles, genetics issues, poor nutrition, etc. nowadays, hair transplant treatment is getting standard, that people are getting involved in it. But, like all other things in life have benefits as well as drawbacks. Also, hair transplant comes with its advantage and disadvantage, which is vital to understand for every undergoing candidate.   


There are many benefits of hair transplant, and a few of them are mentioned below with little detail. 

Noticeable Change:

The significant benefits of hair transplantation are, the candidate will get an aesthetic and noticeable change in his/her personality. In addition, the hair transplanting treatment will give you an attractive and young appearance, increasing your quality of life in both social and employment life. 

Boost Up Self-Confidence:

When young people lose their hair due to genetics or stressful lifestyle, they also lose their self-confidence and quality of life. Hair restoration treatments like transplanting hair will give a complete look to a person and make your appearance young and attractive. 

Effective and Safest Procedure:

It is a guaranteed treatment option that will impact the undergoing patient and the ability to regrow your natural hair. Also, it is a safe procedure that no significant side effects will occur if you take good care of your treated area. The treatment will be performed under local anaesthesia so that it will be safe and painless. 

The Natural Growth of Hair:

When the hair follicles are extracted from the healthy donor side, they will be implanted at the recipient. In this way, natural and healthy hair will grow. The hair specialist never uses poor follicles in the recipient area. The healthy donor hairs will always regrow with natural and thick hair. 

Long-Lasting Results:

Last but not least, the hair transplant procedure, whether it is FUE or FUT, delivers long-lasting results. When the procedure is complete, there will be no requirement for any other treatment. The only person should wait and take good care in the recovery process. The transplanted hair will continue the growth according to its entire hair lifecycle. After a few months, you will get permanent and long-lasting results and enjoy your new natural hair. 


There are some possibilities of risks that should be understood by undergoing patients. The major disadvantage of hair transplant is that if you didn’t choose an experienced surgeon for your treatment, it might worsen. An only experienced dermatologist can handle such delicate surgeries. A few of the Advantages & Disadvantages of Hair Transplant are mentioned below: 


The first drawback of the hair transplant treatment is its cost. No doubt, this treatment is expensive because it is a very delicate surgery that can’t be performed at low prices. However, if your issues are not on an extreme level, you can use other methods for hair restoration like PRP therapy, laser treatment, or medication. The cost of the treatment will be discussed in the consultation session so you will get an idea of the treatment price. 

Healing Process:

Another drawback of hair transplantation is its recovery period. Most of the candidates need to go back to work after the treatment, and they can’t continue it because of their daily routine. Hair transplant requires excessive aftercare and recovery time like 4 to 7 months for proper healing. In this period, you may experience swelling, pain, and bruising. 


The prominent drawback of hair transplant surgery is scaring. When you consider FUT for full coverage of hair, it will leave a scar on the backside of the scalp. Other than that, insertion may leave minor scars which can be hidden with hair. 

Hair loss:

Sometimes, hair loss is expected after 3 to 4 months of surgery, but if it gets thin and extreme loss of hair, the big drawback of the treatment is that hair follicles were not healthy. 


Lastly, suppose an undergoing candidate didn’t take good care of the treated area. In that case, it may get infected by a minor infection. Usually, it is a rare side effect and can be handle with an anti-biotic. The surgeon already instructs the candidate about how to deal with the infection if it occurs. Moreover, if the candidate experience bleeding, then you should consult the nearest dermatologist