At SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we provide a lifetime free after care package. Our objective is to provide customer care, along with the high standard cosmetic surgeries and treatments.

After undergoing the cosmetic treatment, the physician guides you to follow certain aftercare instructions and you had to follow those by yourself. But now, the SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will duly cover all the aftercare requirements.

Lifetime Free Aftercare Package:

Following is the list of “Lifetime Free Aftercare” scheme:

  1. You will be able to get unlimited post-operative appointments. Whenever you need help from our clinical team, you can contact us. And we will refer you to a member of our clinical team. Hence you won’t have to pay any additional charges to consult our proficient team.
  2. If you will need a revision surgery, then it will be provided to you without any additional expenses.
  3. If you are required to stay at hospital for few additional days, then we won’t charge you for it.
  4. All the extra medications and dressings included in the aftercare will be free of cost.
  5. We will provide you a list of our emergency numbers, so that you will be able to use them, after undergoing the surgery.

We will Always be Ready to Help you:

A nurse and a professional surgeon will always available 24-hour to help you. If you encounter any emergency regarding your surgery, then you just have to pick up the phone and contact us. One of the members of our expert medical team will be in touch with you consistently after the first few days of the surgery.

Our clinical staff has many years of experience and are well trained, when it comes to the cosmetic surgeries. They will help you in removing your sutures, as per the surgeon’s instructions.

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Post-Procedural Review:

A thorough post-operative review is really important to monitor your wounds. One of our talented and specialist nurse will properly examine your treated area to make sure that you aren’t suffering from any infection or post-procedural complications.

Our skilled and proficient surgeon, who has performed the surgery on you will take care about your routine follow-up. As it’s an essential aspect of providing you the safe cosmetic surgery.

If our surgeon thought that you haven’t gotten better results after undergoing the surgery, then you can get a revision surgery without paying additional expenses. In this case, our SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will be responsible for providing you all the medical and surgical services, nursing care, all post-procedural backup and all follow-up or after care free of charge.

Exceptions to the Policy:

Following are the minor exceptions to our general policy:

  1. If your own lifestyle has contributed to the dissatisfaction with the results of the surgery.
  2. If your natural aging process has contributed to your condition.
  3. If you have experienced any accident and illness, then these can also affect your condition.
  4. If your condition is affected due to the reaction of certain medications.
  5. If you haven’t properly followed the post-operative care instructions, as per the recommendation of the surgeon.
  6. You will have to cover all the transportation costs.


If you want to transform your body into model like physique at an affordable cost with best results, then feel free to consult the SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.