Benefits and side effect of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is an amazing surgical procedure that involves extracting follicles from the donor region and implanting them to the recipient’s area. Hair Transplant in Islamabad,Pakistan is the only way to treat your baldness once and for all. It can be performed on both men and women. It has tremendous advantages along with a few disadvantages as well. Let’s jump right straight into them:

Advantages of Surgical Hair Restoration

There are gazillion Advantages/Benefits of hair transplant in Islamabad,Pakistan. Here are a few of them:

  • It utilizes your own hair. It will grow like your natural hair, look like one too. You don’t have to deal with any miss match of hair unlike any other techniques; hair weaving, hair fixing etc.
  • The technique of hair transplant in Islamabad,Pakistan has advanced dramatically over the recent years. Earlier, FUT Hair Transplant was the only option available but today we have several other options; follicular unit extraction and stem cell FUE. One can choose one or the other depending upon the hair and scalp characteristics and surgeon’s recommendation.
  • It is a safe procedure because the only thing used for restoring your hair is your own hair. But ensure that it is important to choose the right dermatologist and clinic carefully.
  • You can cut, color and style your hair just like you would with your natural hair. The transplanted hair will regrow just like normal hair and will stay there for the rest of your life.
  • There are a plenty of hair restoration techniques which offer minimally invasive solution. That’s great news because you don’t have to take any extra days off from work while undergoing hair transplant in Islamabad,Pakistan.

Disadvantages of Surgical Hair Restoration

Despite from a gazillion advantages of hair transplant in Islamabad,Pakistan, there are some Disadvantages/Side Effects as well.

  • First things first, disadvantages and advantages go hand in hand with the technique you use. If you are going for FUT hair transplant, you will have to take plenty of days off from work because it requires a massive downtime. On the other hand, FUE and STEM CELL FUE, require minimal downtime.
  • You will experience swelling and redness of the scalp for at least a period of one week. You can use cold compressions to alleviate swelling and discomfort.
  • You will have scab formation on your scalp. Do not pick your scab and let them fall of naturally.
  • You will experience shock loss for a period of three months. It can be pretty terrifying. Although, it is temporary and certainly a part of healing process, it can terrify you temporarily.
  • Choosing a bad surgeon or a hair transplant clinic can ruin the surgery for you. Instead of making your dream into a reality, it can turn your nightmare into a reality.

Hair transplant in Islamabad,Pakistan will make you super confident and will dramatically alter your looks for the better. Good Luck! May you have fabulous hair!