Best Doctors for Gynecomastia in Islamabad | gynecomastia treatment

Generally, men personality should be handsome and attractive with fit body curves. Usually, they make themselves fit doing exercises but sometimes, there are the parts of the body that contains stubborn fats and it becomes hard to reduce them. 

A problem that most of the men experienced, annoying fats appears in the chest area which looks like a woman breast. It is known as Gynecomastia that a lot of men are experiencing. If you are one of them then don’t be worried, the cosmetic treatments are available for eliminating men breast fats successfully. 

It is important to consider a well-known and board-certified person for your treatment. This blog post will cover all information about Best Doctors for Gynecomastia in Islamabad. Read more for further information. 

What is Gynecomastia?

According to SKN cosmetics, it is a term that is defined as the increase of breast gland tissue in men or adults. It may cause by imbalanced hormones and cause of testosterone. Sometimes, it affects one or both breast of the men as well as lower down the self-confidence of them. 

It appears mostly in the puberty period or normally experienced by old men due to the changes in hormone levels or some other causes. It is not a severe issue but men’s enlarged breast make them embarrassed and sometimes they feel pain in the areas. 

Who Can Perform It?

In the field of cosmetology, several treatment options can solve the issue of the enlarged chest in men. It can be performed through the surgical and non-surgical procedure but it depends on the choice of the patient and according to the fats situation. Mostly, surgical procedures are more preferred as compare to non-surgical because they deliver immediate and long-lasting results. 

Such delicate and complicated procedures can be performed by experienced and board-certified surgeons only. The cosmetic and plastic surgeon can handle these types of surgical procedures. 

Best Surgeon for Gynecomastia at SKN:

At SKN cosmetics, the best surgeon who can easily perform is a plastic surgeon and Doctor Naveed is a senior surgeon at our clinic for the treatment of gynecomastia. He has performed many treatments of enlarged chest size in men and gives them a new quality of life with high confidence. 

In the consultation session for considering the gynecomastia procedure, our expert Doctor Naveed will sit with you, he will listen to all your problems and concerns. Before the surgery, he will prescribe you a personalized treatment plan that will be suitable for you and according to your budget, lifestyle and desired results. During the procedure, he will perform the whole surgery with his own skills. After the surgery, he will also prescribe few aftercare instructions according to your health and treatment and advice you to follow them for keeping yourself good and for achieving successful results. 

What to See While Searching for a Gynecomastia Surgeon?

It is necessary to consider the best surgeon for your treatment. Also, it is important to know few things related to the surgeon. Many will have attractive web pages for showing perfect images or videos and you can’t choose anyone for your delicate concerns. There are few points you know before choosing the Best Doctors for Gynecomastia in Islamabad. First, you should approach the internet world where you can easily find out expert surgeons nearby you. While searching the surgeon, keep these points in your mind that are mentioned below: 

  • The surgeon should be board-certified, before the treatment you can ask about the certification of the surgeon for your satisfaction.  
  • Have a look at the before and after photographs of the procedure that they uploaded on their website for showing the results accuracy.  
  • Check out the expertise of the surgeon or if they didn’t mention it on the website, you can ask in a consultation session.  
  • You should be straight forward to ask anything about the surgeon from the surgeon.  
  • Do check about the techniques and method that they used for men breast reduction or you can ask about the method in a consultation session.  
  • Check out the web review that other patients have given them. So, that’s how you will know about the people’s reviews. 

Moreover, there is a list of question that is necessary to ask your surgeon while you are considering him for your treatment. These are mentioned below: 

  • Are you an experienced and board-certified surgeon? 
  • Are you a trained surgeon and speciality in a related field? 
  • About surgeon’s experience years. 
  • Am I a suitable candidate for the treatment? 
  • What are the expected results? 
  • How the procedure will be performed and where it will be performed? 
  • What will be the recovery period? 

All summed up! 

Although, it is better to take your time searching for the best gynecomastia surgeon who will fit your desires into reality. Do your research online and ask about the experience and expertise or else do not get worried and don’t trust any minimal experienced person. 

When you will consider a surgeon for treatment, be straight forward and ask openly about the related questions that are mentioned above and go for the treatment to achieve your goals. Further, if you want to consider a gynecomastia treatment then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics. Our surgeons will provide you with the best and successful results according to your goals.