Can belly fat return after undergoing abdominoplasty

It is imperative to maintain a contoured and sculpted physique to express the glamour of your personality. The accumulation of fat in the abdominal region of the body changes the aesthetics of a personality. It lowers the confidence and self-esteem of an individual, leading to a compromised lifestyle and personality traits. Abdominoplasty in Islamabad removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal area of the body and tightens the skin, creating a refined shape. People often ask whether it is a permanent solution or if belly fat can return after getting this treatment.

Abdominoplasty: The Ins and Outs

Nowadays, people are very concerned about their physique. It is a good sign that they want to be healthy and in proper shape. Growing age and pregnancy can lead to sagging skin and excessive fat. Sagging skin and the accumulation of excess fat destroy the essence of the body. Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that creates a toned appearance by removing excess skin and fat from the tummy and tightening abdominal muscles.

Individuals who experience excess fat and skin in their abdominal areas and have tried other treatments can get this treatment to reshape their appearance and get satisfactory results. This treatment is also dubbed tummy tuck in Islamabad and is performed to restore the symmetry and alignment of the body and improve the body’s proportion.

Can Belly Fat Return After Undergoing Abdominoplasty?

Undoubtedly, a tummy tuck removes excess skin and addresses the concerns that people face because of the aging factor and post-pregnancy weight loss. Basically, this is a surgical procedure that extracts fat or skin from the body surgically, reducing the body’s fat count and tightening the skin. Coming back to the question statement, neither is it true nor wrong because the answer totally depends on the practices of an individual. It is the lifestyle of an individual that keeps the results of this procedure or leads to weight gain. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain weight and follow certain practices to keep the obtained results.  

How To Extend The Results Of Abdominoplasty?

Have you undergone this surgical treatment? Have you gained your desired shape? Have you improved your physical appearance and confidence? Now, worried about whether your body will remain as it is or thinking about how to maintain the obtained outcomes? Consider the following points to get an idea about how to extend the results of tummy tuck treatment and keep your body weight maintained.

Normally, fat develops in the body because of weight gain. Once fat cells are removed from the body, they do not produce, but the body can develop new fat cells because of weight gain. So, if you observe weight fluctuation after getting this treatment, you may experience fat deposits or sagging skin, reducing the benefits of abdominoplasty. You must maintain your weight to hold on to the obtained body shape.

  • Maintain a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and meat
  • Refrain from sugary and processed foods
  • Make exercise your habit and engage in physical activities to keep yourself healthy
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Pay heed to the instructions of your surgeon and follow them wholeheartedly
  • Keep in touch with your surgeon to extend the results of this treatment

How much is the cost of abdominoplasty?

The cost of abdominoplasty largely depends on the scope of the treatment and the specific objectives of a patient. Furthermore, the clinic’s location, available facilities, postoperative medical testing, and the expertise of a surgeon also play a role in determining the cost of this procedure.  

Summing UP:

Fat accumulation and excess skin in the abdominal region of the body change the appearance of the physique, produce negative sensations, and lower the confidence of an individual. Abdominoplasty in Islamabad deals with excess skin and removes fat from the abdominal region of the body, improving the body’s appearance and making it more contoured and sculpted. Some people consider that this treatment is enough and they will not see fat again in their abdominal areas. Somehow, it is true because the outcome of this treatment largely depends on an individual’s lifestyle and dietary habits. If a person follows the given instructions and maintains her weight, then fat cannot come back again in the treated area.

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What happens if you gain weight after undergoing abdominoplasty?

You should try to maintain your weight after this surgical procedure. If you gain weight, then you are going to see a visible change in your appearance. It might reduce the outcome of this surgical procedure.

Will the fat come back after abdominoplasty in Islamabad?

Fat cells are surgically removed in this procedure, and they do not grow again. But if you gain weight, they can develop again, altering the obtained body shape.

What happens if I lose weight after abdominoplasty?

The outcome will not be the same for every person. But you may experience sagging or loosened skin if you lose weight after contouring your body through tummy tuck treatment.